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Snow bits

Posted by James McPherson on July 12, 2008

Whatever he is doing now–maybe trying to keep blacks and homosexuals out of heaven or hell–perhaps Jesse Helms needs a spokesman. Dead today is Tony Snow, the first press secretary ever to actively campaign for Republicans while presenting the “news.” Think of Snow, who hosted a conservative radio program and for a time served as Rush Limbaugh’s primary guest host, as the more attractive and wittier pre-turncoat Scott McClellan.

The following leads came from the BBC, CNN, Fox News, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Washington Times. See if you can guess which is which (click on the letter preceding the headline for a link to the story for each).

And if you can’t get more than a couple, chances are you’re spending too much time relying on one source for news. Incidentally, most news outlets used the Associated Press version of Snow’s obituaries, but these news organizations produced their own.

a) Tony Snow, the former Bush White House press secretary known for his wit and agility at the podium, who inspired others by facing cancer with hope and optimism, died Saturday morning from the disease at Georgetown University Hospital.

b) Former White House press secretary Tony Snow–who once told reporters “I’m a very lucky guy”–died at the age of 53 early Saturday after a second battle with cancer.

c) Tony Snow, the former White House press secretary and conservative pundit who bedeviled the press corps and charmed millions as a FOX News television and radio host, died Saturday after a long bout with cancer.

d) Tony Snow, the conservative columnist and television commentator who relished sparring with reporters during a 17-month stint as President Bush’s press secretary, died on Saturday, the White House said.

e) Tony Snow, 53, the former television and radio talk show host who became President Bush’s chief spokesman and redefined the role of White House press secretary with his lively banter with reporters, died early this morning after losing a high-profile battle with cancer.

f) Former White House press secretary Tony Snow, 53, has died of cancer.

6 Responses to “Snow bits”

  1. Luis Lopez said


    The link to B goes nowhere, but, I’ll take a stab and say it came from CNN.

  2. MOFO, why not tell your dozen readers your jokes about Snow job in the White House?
    No mention of the racist Charles Rangle, congressman from New York getting an almost free deal on four prime apartments.

  3. James McPherson said

    Luis: Right you are, and thanks for the note–I redid the link, so maybe it will work now.

    RFF: Sometimes I manage to refrain from stating the obvious. And thanks for being among my readers, however many there may be.

  4. Mike Ingram said

    Jim, are you sure Tony Snow would speak for J Helms? Snow struck me as articulate and thoughtful as well as a conservative thinker. Its hard for me to see him speaking up for the Helms some Republicans knew and disdained

  5. James McPherson said

    I think Snow was those things, and Helms definitely would get more out of the relationship. But Snow also was a critic of Bush before he joined his team. Mostly, of course, I made the connection because of the timing of their two deaths.

  6. […] Phillips and Dan Seals, journalists (defining the term broadly) Robin Toner,  Tim Russert and Tony Snow, pinup queen Bettie Page, and various newspapers. Many of my posts were less timely, however, and […]

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