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“Love me like Barack, part 2”

Posted by James McPherson on July 22, 2008

A brief follow-up to yesterday’s post: Today McCain’s Web site (which he may or may not be able to access himself), has a section titled “The Media is in Love with Barack: Pick the Best Song for their Devotion.”

Aside from the poor grammar (“media” is plural, people, but if you’re going to make it a singular at least be consistent!), the idea and the videos are cute. I’ve posted both below. As of now, the first one is leading 86 percent to 14 percent, though that may be a vote of 43-7. Unfortunately for McCain, some of his leading supporters are as computer illiterate as he is, and the mainstream media likely won’t pay much attention to this, either–especially with Obama continuing his world tour (see today’s CBS “exlusive” here).

The two CNN headlines on the page now regarding McCain are titled “Ticker: McCain parody pushes pills, walker” (about a Vanity Fair spoof of the recent New Yorker cover) and “VP buzz swirls around McCain” (which I noted yesterday that I thought was a manufactured issue). Even Fox News is ignoring the ploy on its Web site, though it’s too early to tell if the talking heads will mention it.

5 Responses to ““Love me like Barack, part 2””

  1. Will Rhodes said

    I blogged about the same thing, James. I did concentrate on the point that the McCain camp are leaking things that are not true – they simply want some airtime that Obama is ‘hogging”.

    But how is this possible – McCain isn’t making a jot of a point for the media to report. He is simply running the same routine that he was for the surge and Obama was not – true – but there is, as always, a lot more to a story than just who was right or wrong. The variables are there for people to see if they so wish.

  2. James McPherson said

    Good point, Will. The McCain campaign is complaining because the New York Times wouldn’t run his op-ed, but the NYT regularly refused Clinton and others for the same reason–that the piece offered nothing new and was mostly a means of taking shots at the oppostition.

  3. Will Rhodes said

    I am at the point where I am feeling sorry for McCain.

    The poor chap doesn’t have an economic policy – unless you call listening to advisers and then doing nothing but Keep to Bush’s policy. He doesn’t have a domestic policy – again, unless you call listening to Fox as the only way forward.

    Can you imagine what his education policy will be? I have heard that he wants all children to go back to using chalkboard and chalk – he could, at least, relate to that.

    I should send him an e-mail!

  4. Joy said

    I think it’s a little sad that McCain’s campaign thinks it has to fight fire with fire. McCain is never going to steal the young, “hip and with it” image from Obama. Instead of posting YouTube contests and other petty attempts at getting his name out there, he needs to emphasize the differences in his campaign that are seen as strengths. Focus on a respectable offense played on your terms, not a catty defense that will only further encourage mockery and even apathy from the media.

  5. […] has complained about it at length, and I’ve recently written about it myself, here and here. A recent blog report of differing amounts of coverage devoted to the two fueled claims of […]

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