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Apparently 23 percent of Americans are stand-up comedians or Fox News hosts

Posted by James McPherson on December 26, 2008

That’s the percentage of Americans who say they’ll miss President George W. Bush, according to a CNN poll. Less surprising is that 75 percent will be happy to see “the decider“–who already is questioning one of his own pardons, from less than a week ago–ride off into the sunset.

 Many Iraqis feel the same way, of course, to the point that Time magazine writes that the recent Bush “shoe bombing” will have an effect on that nation’s upcoming elections. In the meantime, retailers just wish Bush–or anyone–would go shopping.

14 Responses to “Apparently 23 percent of Americans are stand-up comedians or Fox News hosts”

  1. Blue Proctor said

    No surprises there. What is amazing is that 23% still back this man. Its like :What planet have they been living on? Didn’t Bush and Cheney, and Rumsfeld and Karl Rowe and Alberto Gonzales, and the Myers lady and Scooter Libby and all the Bush side kicks do enough damage to the country? What part of the economic melt down, the credit and housing mess didn’t they presided over? The 2 wars that were based on lies and deceit don’t they understand? I for one am very glad he’s almost out. This Bush nightmare backed by the republicans is almost over.

  2. Totoro said

    I didn’t vote for him and I don’t regret that, nonetheless I think Obama will be far worse than Bush the Younger. I hate to say this but I think we will look back on Bush’s presidency full of overspending, missed opportunities and general partisan silliness as “the good old days”. At least he knew enough to know that when there is a dispute between two parties, both sides are not automatically at fault, unlike Obama!!

    I hope I’m wrong but I hope we do better next time. I hate to say it, but I see the most hope from a private industry full of desperate employers for any major improvements in educational standards and therefore future prospects. May God help us all!!!

  3. lorax said

    I know who those 23% are and where they live. They live here in the South, are grossly obese, and drive with a cell phones in their ears. I know because they have Bush/Cheney bumper stickers still on their gas-guzzling SUVs and I see them every day. Their kids go to public school, they have no health care, and they vote against their own and their family’s best interests. Why? Because they are clueless – they watch FOX.

  4. al g said

    I wonder what percentage regret they ever voted for President Bush?

    I remember back in the day around 20% of people thought Richard Nixon did no wrong even after he had to resign, listened to the tapes etc.

    The good news is you know were you can find the members of the flat earth society.

  5. Ryan said

    It amazes me that people can honestly blame an economic meltdown and credit and housing mess solely on the shoulders of one man, or even a few at that. The credit and housing meltdown…which sparked the economic meltdown began far before President Bush or any other Republicans in the mud slinging came to be. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it was the Democrats and other left leaning individuals that were the primary resisters to a bill that would provide oversight to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. And also correct me in saying that the entire mess began under President Clinton’s tenure. Clinton…now that I think about it, thats the man that changed US Foreign Policy all by himself by turning tail and running after Soldiers got killed in Somalia. Do not comment on the wars if you have no basis. The “failed wars” were based on intelligence that was provided by both sides of the spectrum and everyone was on board with it to begin. Those without spines decided to jump ship once they realized they wouldn’t attain instant gratification and wanted to save their political faces. Thats dispicable. President Bush stood in while everyone else bailed out, and you know what…67% of Soldiers approve of President Bush. So go ahead…praise Obama…fall to your knees and kiss his shoes. As a Soldier I fear going over to Iraq with a President who I do not feel has the intestinal fortitude to risk failure for the better good.

  6. Patriot said

    The 23% who still back Bush need to be sterilized and put into camps. They shouldn’t have the right to breed and contaminate our society like they’ve done for the past 8 years.

  7. Jennifer said

    Likewise I’m sure you can find plenty of Democrats that would justify anything and everything a Democrat will do. That would be the unpopular non-partisan, objective position. But since when has this country been non-partisan? What I see here are two people throwing mud, and it isn’t any more complex than that. Maybe next time the GOP won’t get saddled with a neocon, who knows.

  8. Ed Haque said

    What the Bush’s have done to this beloved country will take a generation to mend…
    May all those who has harm this graeat nation rot in hell…….

  9. One of the major jobs of a president is to keep the people safe. On this task Bush policiies have done the job. He didn’t show the some insight on problems that led to currint economic problems. The biggest blunder of his administrations was the Medicare prescription drug program. The country doesn’t have money to pay for prescriptiions for seniors who still have means to pay for their medical needs. Once their have exhausted their means medicaid will kick in. This country doesn’t have the money to pay for drugs for people who can cover their expenses.

  10. Yes, Dubya has been a disaster. With full knowledge of peak oil, he continued to lead us down the path of economic growth. Growth for the sake of growth: the ideology of neoconservatism, and the cancer cell. But Obama will be viewed as the prez who let it all fall apart. No amount of conservation will mitigate a nine percent annual decline in the world supply of crude oil. The world has seen a 0.5 percent annual decline since we passed the world oil peak in mid-2005; imagine what a nine percent annual decline will bring, year after economically brutal year. By 2012, I doubt we’ll recognize the country as a set of united states.

  11. James McPherson said

    Thanks for the comments, all, though I would point out that the claim that Bush has “kept us safe” (a claim I keep hearing from TV talking heads) is patently ridiculous. Terrorism worldwide has increased under Bush, not decreased. There are more people who hate us than there were, and the unnecessary, illegal Iraq War has been a great recruiting tool for terrorist organizations.

    We also are under more threat from our own government, thanks to Bush administration actions, than we have been in a long time. And as I’ve pointed out before, the time since we were attacked on 9/11 doesn’t yet match the record under Bill Clinton after the first attack on the World Trade Center. Bush won’t be able to say he matched Clinton in even that part of “keeping us safe” until late 2010.

    Finally, for his first six years Bush had a Republican majority and a gutless Democratic minority in Congress, meaning that anything the GOP wanted, it got. If there were economic problems looming that had been created by the Dems, why didn’t the Republicans fix those problems rather than apparently doing all they could to intensify them?

  12. Gabrielle said

    My parents are in that 23 percent…(and for the record, they’re from Washington, not particularly overweight, and don’t drive SUVs :P) Ugh.

  13. They exist in PA too- trust me. Even here in Pittsburgh, the pro-labor capital of the USA, they hide out and vote God & guns & the candidate they most want to have a beer with. Honestly, I don’t want a President who has time to stop and get a beer.

  14. Fred Evil said

    Only goes to show at least 1/4 of the country is frightfully ignorant. Why do they hate America so?

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