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Headaches, hot air and hell on earth

Posted by James McPherson on March 10, 2009

Another sign that I may pay too much attention to politics and media: CNN this morning carries the headline, “Hot air linked to heachaches, but how?” and I immediately think of the pain in my temples caused by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Lou Dobbs.

Still, with what’s going on with housing, jobs, the stock market, the rest of the economy,  Iraq, Afghanistan and, face it,  the whole rest of the world, perhaps the wonder is that we don’t all have headaches all the time.

Of course one in seven women in England may have them more often than most of us, since that’s the number of people there who apparently think it’s OK to hit a woman who nags too much or dresses inappropriately. (Note to Ann Coulter: You may want to stay out of Great Britain.)

Greeted with the results of the survey, Rihanna and women in Saudi Arabia probably thought immediately, “Only one in seven?”

Thursday Rihanna update: Apparently she and her abuser, Chris Brown, have recorded a song together since getting back together. No details are available yet on the song title, though one logical remix possibility would include Ike and Tina Turner’s  “I’m Jealous” or “I’ve Been Loving You too Long” (with the final words, “Sock it to me”), which you can see below. When/if Rihanna gets her act together, she might look to this site for other possibilities.

3 Responses to “Headaches, hot air and hell on earth”

  1. Daniel said

    A Case For War Crimes Against the Bush Administration

    Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that I am a Commie, hippie, terrorist, or disaffected person seeking to single-handedly take down the United States of America, we should weigh the evidence for the case of War Crimes against the Bush Administration of a misguided war in Iraq and the blatant abuse and misuse of military personnel comprised of real American heroes who otherwise love[d] this country very much.

    One thing about this country is that we have the freedom of speech, and my diatribe here against the Bush Administration is one of many that exist in current literature. Despite the evidence, and despite the atrocities committed by the abuse of power and misguided leadership that is still remnant today (March 10, 2009) from the Bush Administration, there are still many Republican politicians that do not get it.

    Dick Cheney is in charge of KBR, a facilities management program designed to build temporary housing facilities in war areas for our troops. KBR bases its operations out of the Cayman Islands, a notorious tax shelter/haven to legitimately evade paying United States tax dollars. This blatant evasion of paying US taxes is commonly adhered to by many rich people in the United States, and is clearly the main objective of the former United States Vice President. This is the main reason why the United States is in such economic turmoil right now, because the rich avoid reinvesting in jobs for real Americans.

    Here is the list of fools: George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, James Baker, and Karl Rove, and undoubtedly many more = should ALL be tried for WAR CRIMES in the Hague! For those who believe that homelessness should not be happening in the United States because we are the richest nation on Earth, it is equally disturbing to know now that these same people are not taking strides to insure that tent cities are cropping up everywhere like refugee camps in the United States right now. Rich people MUST STOP placing all of their bail-out money into tax shelters in the Cayman islands – and SHUT DOWN KBR!!!!! DICK CHENEY!! – SHUT IT DOWN. You are CORRUPT and I cannot believe that YOU WERE THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES = the darkest years in American history (2000-2008). WAR CRIMES – WAR CRIMES – WAR CRIMES… never forget, those horrors are burned into our affected memories and your day of reckoning WILL COME.
    If there was ever something that the Obama Administration could do to restore confidence around the world in the United States’ image abroad, it would be to put the list of fools above into jail awaiting War Crimes in the Hague, and treated with much higher priority than even Bernie Madoff. Shutting down Gitmo was a start. A pledge to end torture is also a movement in the right direction. However, this list of accomplishments is a movement in the correct direction, but it is still incomplete. If the United States is to be taken seriously anywhere by other countries anywhere else in the world, instead of being viewed as a hypocritical nation, then it MUST – it MUST indict the list of fools above for War Crimes in an International War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague. Our ability to have strong diplomacy is at stake. This is yet to be done, and it MUST be done. We must live in a world that cannot simply wage war based on very little information, and if we are to trumpet War Crimes against other nations and nations’ leaders for crimes against humanity, then the United States cannot be free from this same criticism – not to mention the thousands upon thousands of affected families both in Iraq and in the United States as a result of this misguided War in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

    When is the United States going to realize that we are in a precarious position and no longer have legs to stand on, because our diplomatic coercive abilities have been severely undermined and subverted by the idiocy in the Bush Administration? In fact, the GOP is still reeling from such a chaotic and catastrophic policy of the Bush Administration that their adherents are still not even clear as to what they should be doing – people like Rush Limbaugh are still so stupid that he does not even realize what he is doing to the Republican party! His big mouth gets him into trouble every time he opens it driving a wedge further between Republicans, living up to the true no-no that rural Americans tout: “Never say the wrong thing at the wrong time,” which is a number one rule with people in the Republican party – but Rush is too STUPID to realize this basic principle.

    This country will never heal from the wounds of a misguided war unless we try the list of fools in a War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague. To all international communities: we Americans are cognizant of the atrocities committed by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and will NOT rest until justice is served. I for one simply cannot rest until they are brought to justice for their crimes against humanity.

  2. Steve Geoge said

    Funny post, and I agree. Useless response, Daniel.

  3. […] Headaches, hot air and hell on earth […]

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