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If you knew Suze, like Oprah knows Suze… maybe you’d be richer

Posted by James McPherson on April 7, 2009

“Suze Orman decides what couples can afford,” reads a headline on the front page of the CNN Web site. The headline links to an Oprah.com story(headlined after the click, “Suze decides what you can afford).” As for Oprah.com, the lead story under “hot topics” is “Suze Orman’s Recession Rescue Plan.”

Suddenly with the economy in the toilet, Orman has become as omnipresent as two other women with O’s in their names–Michelle Obama (live or otherwise) being the third. Regular PBS viewers already knew Orman as perhaps the only openly lesbian financial expert in the country (relevant only because not long ago her sexual orientation would have kept her off of conservative airwaves, but may actually enhance her credibility with some of the PBS audience), but she seems now to be on everywhere.

She has her own show on CNBC, the generally conservative business network that goes along with MSNBC’s political liberalism to make a balanced peacock. (Rather than schizophrenia, I guess we should view it like the old golf joke in which a drive into the left rough followed by a shot into the right rough equals statistical perfection.) Orman also is an editor for Oprah’s magazine, and writes regularly for the Costco magazine.

Aside from the fact that the most powerful and perhaps richest woman in America (Oprah, not Michelle, though Barack wouldn’t be in the White House without both of them) is now giving us poorer folks economic advice herself, why should we now trust Oprah’s endorsement of Orman? I admit that I’ve distrusted Oprah since she foisted Dr. Phil on the American consciousness, but still, who is Orman that we apparently should trust to tell us what to do with our money, anyway?

Well, you can read her story here, and she did largely luck into a good education and a job and career in business. But she also has worked tough jobs, such as spending six years as a waitress (one of the tougher and more honorable jobs in America), so she may remember what it’s like not to have money. Considering that she has written a bunch of bestselling books telling us what to do with our money, perhaps the problem was that the right people just didn’t listen to her early enough.

Besides, consider the fact that the vast majority of people who have been guiding us into the current mess are men. Maybe it’s because today I went from teaching my “Women and Media” class to a moderated discussion of “The Vagina Monalogues” (which will be read publicly on my school’s campus later this month), but I can’t help but feel that the problem may be that there hasn’t been enough Orman to go around.

7 Responses to “If you knew Suze, like Oprah knows Suze… maybe you’d be richer”

  1. Stunningly — for many reasons — I caught a brief glimpse of Suze on Oprah a couple days ago. Her bottom line: God has a plan. We’re in dire economic times, she says, but hang in there and trust God to get us out of it. The financial wizard is invoking a miracle to get us out of the current peak-oil-induced economic mess. I believe in miracles to the exact same extent Hume did.

  2. James McPherson said

    Two things–first, I have to admit that I haven’t actually listened to much of Suze’s advice, and hadn’t seen/heard that bit. In fact, I’m not good about taking advice from much of anyone. But I agree that that advice is troubling: If I want financial planning that relies on God, I’ll go to a pastor or priest for a more direct connection. 🙂

    Second, how did you manage to embed a link in your comment? I haven’t even figured out how to do that on my own comments. Thanks.

  3. To embed links in comments, you need to know html code, or be able to “steal” it from an existing post. I used the latter method until I could remember the code. To view the code on any page, start with the toolbar atop the browser, click on “View” then “Page Source.” That’ll show you that the code for embedding a link is as follows (but I’m not sure it will work, since it’s embedding a link while simultaneously trying to explain the embeddedness: “” before the words you want highlighted and “” after the words you want highlighted. So, for example, to embed a link to Google, you would put this text before the words you want highlighted and linked: “” … and this text afterward: “

  4. Okay, that didn’t work 😦

  5. James McPherson said

    Thanks, anyway–and for the follow-up call that explained it even better.

  6. zelda said

    Are we nuts? Oprah……..Suze…..???????? OMG! These people are entertainers gone “sappy” with power given to them by tv ratings for gawds sake!!!!
    NOW we are to listen to their ideas and make gurus out of them???
    We are doomed

  7. zelda said

    typo……….I meant Suze
    OH susie Q ….oh susie Q ………OMG

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