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$1.3 million enough for NPR in Spokane or one ex-CEO

Posted by James McPherson on August 14, 2009

To NPR’s credit, the story comes directly from National Public Radio: According to tax records, buying out former CEO Ken Stern cost the network about $1.3 million.

An interesting coincidence is that $1.3 million is also the total budget for my local NPR station, though relatively little of that comes from federal funds.

It’s also about what AT&T paid recently to settle a religious discrimination claim, what the EPA will devote to clean up petroleum leaks in Hawaii, what the Department of Labor will spend to help help Minnesota workers hurt by auto industry declines, or what a rich person can spend for a “flying” submarine.

On the other hand, that same $1.3 million wouldn’t buy 15 seconds of advertising during the Super Bowl.

One Response to “$1.3 million enough for NPR in Spokane or one ex-CEO”

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