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Palin’s abbreviated turkey trot

Posted by James McPherson on November 27, 2009

Geographically, at least, Sarah Palin and I weren’t far apart yesterday, as she took a break from her book tour to run in the Kennewick (Wash.) Turkey Trot, a benefit run for the Red Cross. Entry #1072 didn’t wear the snazzy outfit that appeared on her recent Newsweek cover (see yesterday’s post below), opting instead for an orange T-shirt that read “Alaskan Grown.”

As usual, she brought along her young ‘uns (and will no doubt complain that they were portrayed in a bad light, despite the obvious joy they exhibit in the Tri-Cities Herald photo below). Husband Todd wasn’t along because he was home “fixing the roof” (perhaps damaged the last time a media report sent Sarah through it?).

Palin says on the video that Thanksgiving dinner was to be “Quiznos sandwiches,” because a turkey dinner would be “just too much work.” The least surprising part of her run? The fact that Palin quit partway through.

Palin at Turkey Trot

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