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‘Oh-bomb-a-nation’: Another chickenhawk president ‘Extenze’ a war

Posted by James McPherson on December 1, 2009

American commanders-in-chief apparently tend to have extremely small penises. I’m obviously in no position to know for sure (though perhaps Michaele Salahi is), but how else can you explain presidents’ unending need to prove their manhood through meaningless and ultimately counterproductive warfare?

Maybe it’s guilt, since recent presidents also have been “men” who managed to avoid military service themselves. Or maybe they feel shame because of their common inability to produce male offspring who might carry on the family name (or, in the case of George H. W. Bush, shame because of the males who will carry it on).

Whatever the reason, presidents do love their toy soldiers. And those soldiers generally remain willing to risk life, limb and marriage, guided by a combination of patriotism, presidential lies, and a lack of economic options (thanks in part to an economy hampered by war spending).

Instead of pulling his (Lyndon) Johnson, so to speak, to turn Afghanistan into another Vietnam, Obama should be pulling troops out of that unwinnable conflict. Through withdrawal he could be the first president since Jimmy Carter not to go out of his way to kill people to prove he’s a tough guy, and maybe in the process avoid being a one-term president. Of course we all know what a wuss Amy’s dad was.

6 Responses to “‘Oh-bomb-a-nation’: Another chickenhawk president ‘Extenze’ a war”

  1. zelda said

    I think President Carter stands out as the president who would not “play ball” with the johson pullers as you so delicately put it.They(senate/congress/etc.) steam rolled him. He just wasn’t any fun to play with.


  2. Edward Koziol said

    Your right let them Afghanis kill each other.If the russians couldn’t beat them and they fight to win not like the US in where we have so many rules about when and where to shoot and if you capture a terrorist treat him with kid glovesinstead of waterboarding them.Before you call me a name I’d like to know if one of your family was captured would you be willing to give these animals the nice guy treatment or would you hook up electodes to their balls and make them talk and let them know if they’re not telling the truth they’ll be shot with a bullit dipped in pig fluid.How come now when our soldiers are killed we don’t refer them as Obumas casualities like we did for Bush

  3. James McPherson said

    We know that torture doesn’t work. Even John McCain used to admit that. And we used to prosecute people–our own soldiers, and those of other nations–for waterboarding.

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  6. […] someone who supports war despite doing whatever is necessary to actually avoid service. So is Obama, the drone warrior – though he and his wife likely have done more for those who serve than Romney […]

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