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‘Foxy’ Palin will now be paid to lie

Posted by James McPherson on January 12, 2010

Below: How Sarah Palin indicates the size of a fish she almost caught, how close her house is to Alaska, or how close she came to telling the truth about something:

 FILE - In this July 26, 2009 file photo, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ...

Now, to no one’s surprise, Palin will get to do her Fox-y lying on a paid basis, at least until she gets bored and quits. Working as a Fox News commentator is a perfect job, however, for someone who apparently “doesn’t know anything” about world affairs. According to a video on the Fox News Web site, she’ll get her start tonight with someone equally truth-challenged, Bill O’Reilly.

People keep talking about Palin as a possible 2012 Presidential candidate, but, as much as I wish that to be true, I (and others) have serious doubts. My prediction? Palin will end up as a contestant on a bad reality show (perhaps competing against her former future son-in-law) long before she ever lives in the White House.

One benefit to the new gig: I’ll bet Fox will give her a new hat. But at least for Fox, the network that leads in on-screen flag graphics, Palin won’t have to change her message much from the one she wore on her T-shirt (“If you don’t love America, then why don’t you get the hell out”). Come to think of it, didn’t husband Todd try that?

Thursday update: The Christian Broadcasting Network lists Palin as one of two women “front-runners” in the GOP. The other? None other than another common liar and general fruitcake, Michelle Bachmann, who perhaps more than anyone else exemplifies why the Minnesota state bird is a loon.

4 Responses to “‘Foxy’ Palin will now be paid to lie”

  1. Luis Lopez said

    Courtesy of Gawker.com, here is video of Palin’s debut on Faux (Fox) News:


  2. James McPherson said

    Thanks, Luis. Sorry my system blocked your comment at first.

  3. James McPherson said

    One excellent paragraph from the Gawker piece, by the way (especially the bald eagle talons on a chalkboard line:

    “We learned tonight that it was too much to hope that Sarah Palin would bring the same gloriously demented policy analysis to Fox News that she did to her Twitter account and Facebook page. On Fox, her talk about Obama is indistinguishable from every other pundit the network smears on the screen. The real show will be the Palin vs. the Media fireworks. Criticizing the president in stupid ways might prove a liability in a future campaign. (‘Death panels,’ certainly will.) But there’s no similar political risk in attacking the Media with folksy cliches delivered in the self-righteous screech of a bald eagle scraping its talons across a chalkboard on which has been scrawled: BLAME THE MEDIA. Everyone hates the Media.”

  4. […] this seems like an appropriate time to point out that I wrote the following in January 2010, more than 14 months ago: People keep talking about Palin as a […]

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