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Dead Air (America): Liberal talk radio alternative going silent

Posted by James McPherson on January 22, 2010

Air America is dead. The 6-year-old radio network set up to combat right-wing talkers such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, and which in the past provided an outlet for political voices for folks such as Al FrankenEd Schultz and Rachel Maddow, will cease programming today.

As the New York Times reports, “The closing did not come as a surprise.” Management problems and a bad economic climate for media hurt the network from the start, and even the best programs on Air America never provided much of an “alternative” to anything for most liberals. I suspected from the start that talk radio, like direct mail, would work better for conservatives, not just because of their head start but also because both of those media rely heavilty on the emotional appeals of fear and anger. As I wrote in my most recent book, conservatives have used fear and anger better than liberals have, though the Web has “helped” liberals learn more about the those emotions.

I was glad that Spokane had an Air America affiliate, KPTQ, when some larger cities did not, and I occasionally listened. But I and many others much prefer news over opinion and reasoned arguments over the shrill harangues (about the opposition) and nauseating fawning (toward anyone in agreement) that has long characterized talk radio.

With Fox News, MSNBC and the Internet now providing too much of that same sort of programming offered by talk radio, and with cheaper independent local stations such as my local favorite, KYRS, also picking up some of the slack, I’m not sure Air America served much of a purpose except perhaps as a farm club for MSNBC. Incidentally, Maddow was my favorite host; I liked her better before she moved to MSNBC and became more like Keith Olbermann.

4 Responses to “Dead Air (America): Liberal talk radio alternative going silent”

  1. I will miss Ron Reagan’s sense of humor and his down to earth analysis of the issues.

  2. i don’t like Ed or Olberman, I do like Rachael. I never listened to Air America, except for once or twice while changing stations.

    But I don’t think they’re a real loss. Libs still have MSNBC, and MSNBC has a large internet pressense. Add in MoveOn and Mediamatters, and libs got all the hard-left they need. 🙂

  3. James McPherson said

    I actually erred, it appears, about Ed–his program was aired on most Air America stations, but actually came via another syndicate that remains in business. Thanks to syndication, apparently the Spokane Air America station and at least some others will continue to run programming pretty similar to what they’ve had. And maybe it ran at an odd time here, but I’ve never heard Ron Reagan’s program. Thanks, both of you, for the comments.

  4. Mike Ingram said

    Jim, glad to see the blog postings up again. I will not miss Air America. I listened a few times and found it to be the radio equivalent of Keith Oberman and the like. The lefties went looking for their version of Rush etc and did not find it. Here is hoping for a new media that would promote good discussion, as the old, old Crossfire used to do.

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