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It’s only money: Another reminder of how little your voice matters

Posted by James McPherson on January 25, 2010

CNN reports that about $600 million–“enough to pay the annual insurance tab for $45,000 families”–has been spent on lobbying, advertising and campaign contributions to try to influence the health care debate. It has become the single most expensive legislative issue ever.

And as I noted the other day, the Supreme Court has guaranteed that things will get worse in terms of you having a voice. It almost enough to make you want to cheer for the Tea Party crowd, if they had a clue about where their money really goes, or which parts of society system are the most screwed up.

Also on the money front, Barack Obama apparently will call for a freeze on “non-security federal discretionary spending.” And Fox News reports that no-bid contracts for friends of the administration, the norm under George W. Bush, apparently continue under the Obama administration.

It’s a worthwhile story, and would be more so if Fox hadn’t predictably downplayed the Bush/Cheney contracts–citing dollar figures for such contracts under Bill Clinton and Obama but simply stating about the Bush Leaguers, “The OMB Watch figures show that the practice appears to have accelerated sharply during the Bush administration, but the figures are not adjusted for inflation.” Uh, guys–what were those figures?

5 Responses to “It’s only money: Another reminder of how little your voice matters”

  1. Tom said

    Odama the joke

  2. Fox news critisize Republicans? I for one am rooting for the tea party crowd. Not the racist fringe of course. Not even really for a lot of their main points, but the idea that government taxes too much and does too much and takes away our freedoms is an important point, even if hypocritical as those tea parties should have started years ago. I’d much rather put my trust and life in the hands of the tea partiers than the corporations that will soon buy this country up. 😦

  3. James McPherson said

    “I’d much rather put my trust and life in the hands of the tea partiers than the corporations that will soon buy this country up.”

    I agree with you on that, though that’s not the choice I’d prefer, of course.

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