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Want smarter kids? Turn them over to lesbians

Posted by James McPherson on June 9, 2010

Heather has two mommies? No wonder she’s so well-adjusted.

That’s the conclusion of an article in New Science magazine–that “Compared with a group of control adolescents born to heterosexual parents with similar educational and financial backgrounds, the children of lesbian couples scored better on academic and social tests and lower on measures of rule-breaking and aggression.”

In other words, the children of lesbian parents were smarter and less obnoxious than most other kids.

Actually I’d never heard of New Science until Slate cited this study, and the research seems to have some flaws (maybe women just tend to be better parents than men, for example, making them superheroes in the traditional, often unappreciated,  sense). But the study does cast further doubt on the idea that gays shouldn’t be allowed to adopt. Homosexuals are legally prohibited from adopting in Florida, while joint adoption is illegal in several states.

7 Responses to “Want smarter kids? Turn them over to lesbians”

  1. Interesting blog. Adding you to my blogroll. Hope to see you at the AJHA meeting this fall.

  2. James McPherson said

    Thanks, Elliot. As you can see, I’ve added you to mine. I look forward to seeing you in Tucson.

  3. I heard about this study, and immediately my red flags went up.

  4. (sorry about the double post, my finger slipped…)

    I heard about this study, and immediately my red flags went up, if this study had shown the opposite, would it have been published? Had it been published would it have been attacked as bigoted?

    Isn’t this basically saying straight couples are less capable than gay couples, isn’t that as ‘wrong’ as saying gay couples shouldn’t adopt? Isn’t that insulting to straight couples, or is it okay because gay couples are the minority?

    More importantly and fundamentally, does this prove that Lesbians raise their children differently and cause their children to be different? If it is accepted that Homosexual couples raise their children differently, then doesn’t that prove that homosexual parents are not the same as straight ones? And if the homosexual community embraces this idea that yes, they are not equal, they are superior, what will happen when another study shows the opposite (and we all know how biased a study can be if they want it to be)? If this study is embraced by the homosexual community, does that allow the courts to use a study showing the opposite to disallow adoptions to gay couples?

    Judge: You’ve already agreed that gay couples are not equal parents. This newer study proves you are sub-equal.

    My personal advice to the homosexual community: Distance yourself from this. Simply say “We are very glad all the kids did well in school, and we believe this study proves that children growing up in homosexual families are more than capable of becoming upstanding members of society.” Then leave it at that. If you spend too much time proving there’s a difference, it might come back to bite you in the ass.

  5. James McPherson said

    Well said, I think. I’m rarely inclined to think one study “proves” anything, other than sometimes to counter extreme claims (which frequently also contradict common sense, anyway).

  6. […] Cherry-picked biblical quotes mean nothing in this argument. Even if the Bible argued more convincingly in opposition to homosexuality than, say, to making women married their rapists, religion isn’t supposed to dictate policy in America. Phony child-rearing arguments also are irrelevant — in fact, perhaps we should have more gay parents. […]

  7. […] here, here, here, here, here and here. Examples relevant to gender here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and […]

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