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Birthers, civil war, damnation and lynching

Posted by James McPherson on August 23, 2010

In recent weeks I’ve discussed the craziness of “journalists” such as WorldNetDaily founder Joseph Farah, Floyd Brown and Michael Webster, and have previously talked about the sign-carrying racists and blogging “electronic Klansmen” cowards who make up some (not all) of their followers.

I’ve also discussed the hazards of commenting on other blogs, which often brings a flurry of profane slurs. Usually I don’t mind, figuring the more those nuts post, the more they weaken the arguments of those who agree with them on other issues.

Today was the first time I ever had people suggest that I might burn in hell and should be lynched, however, under a post (from two supposedly Christian authors) that was all-too-predictably titled, “Is Obama a Muslim?” That post suggests that Obama is a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Muslim Marxist.

Aside from the fact that many progressives are unhappy because of Obama’s lack of support for gay marriage, I pointed out that the essay makes no sense on its face, asking, “How would being a Muslim correspond with “Marxism,” “abortion on demand,” or “gay marriage”?

One person expressed concerns about my soul, another about my life.

“James, I just hope that you are not among those giving each other presents, when the Two-Witnesses written about in the Book of Revelation(11:3-14) are killed by the Anti-Messiah, which a Marxist is by definition!” one wrote.

Another less courageous sort, calling himself/herself simply “Guest,” offered this: “Hey James, With your mind set, you better not go outside at night, or walk down any dark alleys. There are people out there looking for Idiots like you to hang from the tallest tree in town.”

Here’s my response, in full:

You’re really threatening me with lynching, Guest? Of course, coming from someone who hides behind a fake name makes it tough to take your comments seriously, even though they do come from someone who obviously would only do anything as part of a mob at night in a dark alley.

But thanks for the comment–the more of these sorts of comments there are here, the better the picture people get of what birthers truly stand for. Quite the Christian group you’ve got here.

The same post, by the way, has someone titled “Mary” suggesting a “Civil War,” a not-uncommon call on these conspiracy sites. As I have in the past, I asked: “With who fighting whom? Are you volunteering to take up arms? How far are you personally willing to go?”

As usual, I’ve had no response to that, just as when the various nuts proclaim that it’s time to “take back America.”

12 Responses to “Birthers, civil war, damnation and lynching”

  1. joy said

    Hearing those kinds of comments from people just makes me more sure that I’m at least a little higher on the salvation totem pole than someone. After all, I don’t really think Jesus is down with lynching, regardless of the color of your skin.

  2. josiahe said

    Haven’t seen so many loaded words for a long time! Electronic klansmen? What a bigot you are!!!!!
    And to think, you taught others? No wonder the media is so worthless!
    I don’t read all your rants but you must do some deep-water trolling to find those you speak of.
    Just so you know, ….. your hate is showing.

  3. James McPherson said

    Sadly, Josiahe, I don’t have to troll at all–just disagree with someone on a birther site or an anti-Obama site (and there are plenty of both), and the nuts come out.

    Thanks, both of you, for the comments.

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  5. James McPherson said

    Joy, one other thing I should have noted–you’re braver every day in your job than all of those nitwits combined. Good luck with the new year.

  6. Well, if you’re going to hell for thinking and rebutting stuff that’s obviously ridiculous, then I think I’ll probably end up right along there with you, despite the fact (or in some opinions, because of the fact) that I’m a Limbaugh-listening Conservative Republican. 😀 You know what AC/DC says–“all my friends are gonna be there, too.”

  7. Abraham C. said

    Obama IS a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Muslim Marxist. He is just a bit confused in his attempt to please all of his democratic supporters who have now been exposed to be complete idiots!

  8. James McPherson said

    “Obama IS a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Muslim Marxist.”

    He must be history’s first. 🙂 And no wonder he’s confused. Of course he’s apparently not the only one.

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