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Watergate’s Bernstein shaky on media history

Posted by James McPherson on July 17, 2011


The most recent issue of Newsweek has drawn attention mostly because of yet another overhyped article about Sarah Palin. In the article, Palin says that if she runs for the presidency, “I Can Win.”

Well, duh. One would think that every candidate who runs for president thinks she or he can win. What would you expect them to say, “Well, I expect to get my butt kicked, but I really dislike my family and so wanted to put them through the wringer”?

The question is why Newsweek feels obligated to keep doing cover stories on a failed vice-presidential candidate and half-term governor who hasn’t declared any intention of running for office again. Oh, yeah–it’s because those stories, about America’s political Lindsay Lohan, draw more readers than would more intellectual (and more useful) fare.

A prediction, for what it’s worth: I think Palin will follow the Hillary Clinton route and run for the Arizona Senate seat that Jon Kyl will vacate. No state outside of her (and my) birth state of Idaho is more suited for the inflammatory know-nothing rhetoric that a Palin candidacy is likely to bring, and she recently bought a house there. If she wins a Senate seat, she could then run for president in 2016 when a Republican probably will have a better chance of winning.

For me, the most interesting thing in this issue of Newsweek was a couple of quotes that demonstrated some historical ignorance–quote that came not from Sarah Palin, as might be expected, but from famous Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein and one of his sources.

In an article about the scandal swirling around media mogul Rupert Murdoch (a scandal that has now touched even Scotland  Yard), Bernstein writes, “[The New York Post’s] Page Six, emblematic in its carelessness about accuracy or truth or context–but oh-so-readable–became the model for the gossipization of an American Press previously resistent to even considering publishing its like.”

Really? Murdoch bought the Post in 1976, and one of the founders of the Page Six column was James Brady–who came to the Post from a supermarket tabloid, the National Star, which had been founded two years earlier to compete with the National Enquirer. The Enquirer, of course, had already been famous for that kind of sensationalism for decades.

OK, so maybe Bernstein meant the mainstream press, not supermarket tabloids. But if so, he’s still overlooking one of the most important (and infamous) periods in American media history, the Yellow Journalism period of Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst. The next time Bernstein is tempted to tune into a showing of “All the President’s Men,” perhaps a viewing of “Citizen Kane” would be in order, instead.

The Yellow Journalism period also is ignored with a quote from an anonymous source. Part of that quote is pulled for display type (the fault of a historically challenged editor rather than of Bernstein, though he should have known better than to use the original quote). The display type reads, “Murdoch invented a newsroom culture where you do whatever it takes to get the story.”

Reinvented it, perhaps, though I’d question even that. But we should not have famous journalists–perhaps especially those who have contributed  significantly to media history–carelessly reinventing other parts of that history.


5 Responses to “Watergate’s Bernstein shaky on media history”

  1. Josiahe said

    The leftist media and those who claim to “instruct students” re: the how to, are nothing but traitorous whores. simple enough for you?

  2. reuel said

    Hey James;

    You used my Palin prediction. Just kidding, I did post that at your favorite site about a month ago. I am not sure if Sarah or her Daughter bought that house. maybe they both bought one. I saw a interview this weekend where her daughter said she bought a investment poverty in Arizona. I still stay Sarah is out until at least 2016. She needs some lower 48 time no matter where she lives.
    The only part you left out about her half term was that due to the 500,000 dollar of legal fee she incurred due to all the investigations that magically went away after she step down as Governor. Amazing how that happened. Politics are a dirty sport. That is a shame and it seems the ones in that sport sure seem to increase their wealth on both sides. Another sad but true fact. Real first name, the other is I and Reuel. Meaning ” I Friend of God”.

  3. James McPherson said

    Friend Reuel, I knew the Palin idea didn’t originate with me, though I couldn’t remember where I’d seen it–I’m happy to give you the credit here, though. And I agree completely that she needs some time in the lower 48 to have any hope of becoming a credible presidential candidate.

    Even then, I can’t imagine thinking Republicans voting for her, but I’ve been surprised before. By the way, you may have noticed that I’m not spending nearly as much time over at that other site. Too much meaningless noise from the same people (I know you know who I mean), especially considering time better spent fishing, gardening, golf, and a couple of work-related projects in the works. And the Mariners aren’t giving me any reason to come inside to watch their games on TV.

    Josiahe, are you suggesting that Murdoche’s New York Post, the Star and the News of the World (the now-defunct newspaper that was committing the crimes) are “leftist whores”? If so, I think you’re half right. Regardless, I guess it wasn’t simple enough for me. Sorry.

    Thanks, gentlemen, to both of you for taking the time to write and respond.

  4. reuel said

    No problem James, I still don’t agree politically in most areas of course. I suggest next week we ignore you know who. Just a thought.

    Check my prediction for Democratic VP in 2012. That is my second time I have predicted it. You know where it is written.

    Have a good weekend.

    Civil disagreement zone (CDZ)

  5. James McPherson said

    Thanks–I’ll check out your prediction. And I agree about ignoring you know who. I had been doing it pretty well, then let myself get sucked in again with the silly false claims. Have a great weekend, and week–I’m gettting to be grandpa for a week, so may not be online much.

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