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New York Times vs. BBC

Posted by James McPherson on August 17, 2011

“If I want to know the most important story of the day, the BBC will do me right. If I want to follow an event with bated breath I might be better served by the nytimes.”

That’s a quote from Phillip Mendonça-Vieira, based on a fascinating study of both newspapers, as shared today by Poynter’s Steve Myers. The video above is a side-by-side comparison of the two newspapers’ front pages, through time-lapse photography.

The Times approach reflects Americans’ demand for instant updates, of course. Long known as the “Grey Lady” for its conservative layouts and resistance to change, by comparison to the BBC the lady is quite saucy.

Mendonça-Vieira’s earlier, much longer video of just New York Times front pages is below:

5 Responses to “New York Times vs. BBC”

  1. reuel said

    Believe it or not I do read the NYT and Have listen to the BBC. Both have some good reports. Still both have a problem as some others with separating the news with opinion at times.

    By the way WJ is reviewing all my post and then not posting them. I guess they would prefer everyone just falling in line and any reasonable dissent is unacceptable. What a bunch of hypocrites. They should post a disclosure statement saying as such.
    I will try again at a later date.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. James McPherson said

    It’s difficult for me to imagine they’d have difficulty with anything you post over there, especially with much of what they do allow–especially from one person. I haven’t seen anything new from that one in a couple of days, though, and it looks like there’s only been one comment from anyone in the past 18 hours, so maybe it’s just blocking everyone. I haven’t tried for 21 hours, when I last responded to you about the Tea Party.

    In that one, I wrote that both liberals and conservatives tend to oversimplify the Tea Party (and almost everything else), describing it in the terms they want it to fit. In fact, there are a whole bunch of different Tea Party groups, some of which you’d agree with and some of which you might not.

    My local Tea Party organization seems to have disintegrated more than a year ago, perhaps because it’s primary concern seemed to be that the UN was going to take away all of our guns and make us all ride bicycles. Most people here found that difficult to take seriously.

  3. reuel said

    Floyd came on the site and we had a exchange. He insured me that I was not the problem and that they had a problem with all posts. Floyd also thanked me for my contributions to the site with the posts I have been writing. Wow, considering I don’t buy into the Birth story as most at that place. I also gathered that he was having problems with one person. So Today I posted a question. Here it is. Someone has been missing lately and also another that seem to agree with this person 100 percent of the time, Who are these two? Just wondering are these two poster actual the same person? My guess they are.

  4. James McPherson said

    Yes, I saw that he had responded to several of you. You could be right about the missing person(s), though I recall that the nuttier one disappeared for a fairly long period once before.

    I assumed it was because of rehab or being institutionalized, though s/he later said it was because of a move to a different region of the country. Such a move is supposedly occurring again. Frankly, I assume that Floyd is glad to see him/her gone, at least for now, despite (or because of) his/her claim of being engaged to one of Floyd’s friends.

    I sent an email to Floyd some time back (after posting repeated, ignored complaints on the site) about the threats that person was making (particularly those claiming I was someone else). He responded with a “thanks” and apparently warned him/her, since s/he has inaccurately claimed repeatedly since then that I called Floyd. I haven’t bothered with a correction–with that one, there seems to be little point.

    As an aside, I don’t believe that Floyd buys into most of the loony birther stuff, either–I think he simply uses the site to bring potential suckers to his other, money-making sites.

  5. reuel said

    Good point, I think he is trying to branch off into other than birth stories. The WND site has lots of advertisements that look like news. A fool and their money will follow separate paths. The answer to the question yesterday is where is the one from Colorado? Also MIA about the same time.

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