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The coming U.S. civil war

Posted by James McPherson on April 28, 2012

“I fear we are headed for another civil war in this country,” wrote the author of a letter in my morning paper yesterday. I sighed audibly. That again?

I’ve been reading about the possibility of “Civil War II” at least since Obama was elected president–usually on blogs (other examples here, here, here)  or on YouTube, often in the form of prediction, sometime expressed hopefully. Sometimes I used to reply, “So who do you see as the ‘sides’ in this imaginary civil war?” I never got a good answer, but the goofy intellectually lazy “threat” keeps popping up. Even since Glenn Beck, one-time king of the conspiracy loons, has slunk into near-oblivion.

Frankly, the idea of a new U.S. civil war is ludicrous. Of course I’m not talking about the assorted conspiracy nuts who claim that we’re already in a civil war, even if most of us don’t know it. Nor do I classify economic inequity (which may be every bit as deadly) or our current battles over social issues as true warfare, as some do.

Still, the tone of our politics has prompted even a few folks beyond the fearful or crazy cyberspace cadets to raise the idea of a new rootin’-tootin’-shootin’ civil war. A former national editor of politics for National Journal even did so last year in an interesting piece that makes some comparisons between 1861 and 2011. Still, to her credit, she doesn’t predict civil conflict and does write: “After all, at the heart of the Civil War was a great conflict over human bondage. By comparison, today’s debate between the Democrats and tea party Republicans seems, picayune.”

Uh, yeah. And that’s the key point. Those who talk about how “bad” things are now, how “divided” we are, seem to have forgotten their history (no big surprise there, considering how little of it journalists seem to know). Economic divisions were greater before and during our two Great Depressions. Political divisions were wider in the 1950s and 1960s, with battles–some bloody–over civil rights and the Vietnam War. And Americans were far more willing to die for causes during our two world wars.

In fact, even if most of us could figure out who the two “sides” would be–keeping in mind that most Americans agree on more than they disagree about–the vast majority of Americans today lack the desperation (fortunately), the energy (unfortunately) or the focus (sadly) for any “war” that goes beyond words. Especially when those words tend to be regurgitated talking points of the far left and the far right, as relevant to most people as back-seat cup holders were for Mitt Romney’s Irish Setter.

It is true that people will continue to bicker, and some, like Beck, will take advantage of the rhetoric to enrich themselves or to incite others to acts of violence. Congress will continue to dither and achieve little, and Americans will keep dying needlessly.

But those Americans will die because of a pitiful health care system and stupid wars abroad, not because of a civil war at home.

41 Responses to “The coming U.S. civil war”

  1. robertvdh said

    It’s funny you single out Beck yet leave out Maddow, Maher,Tingles,Olberman, The New Black Panthers, Al and Jesse or even dare I say Van Jones? I mean please if you are going to bury your head in the sand take the time and put the entire body in.

    A civil war in the US is “Ludicrous?” Well, let’s see who would benefit from it okay. The conservative cause is about Self Reliance vs Government dependence. IF a civil war did break out it would be a lot different than the first one. It would be total chaos. No states vs states it would be left vs right and that my friends is a LOSER for both. However; The “Progressive” cause has pushed us so far over the edge to socialism/communism with a dash of Marxism civil war may be the only way to return our nation to prosperity….

    You keep propagating bullshit here, your sheeple will likely believe it. Free thinkers know the real issues and are not going to be swayed by your lies anymore.. The fight went local, it’s in elections locally. When we get the school boards, city councils and congress seats we’ll fix the mess before the first shot. IF we fail there, then you might better find a hole to hide in.

  2. James McPherson said

    Funny, I don’t remember any of those folks you mentioned predicting a civil war (the point of the post, if you recall). If you simply want to list idiots worthy of criticism, though, I’d agree with you most of the folks you mentioned — along with a bunch more on both sides: https://jmcpherson.wordpress.com/2008/12/06/25-democrats-30-republicans-who-should-go-away/

    And what counts as “socialism” in your book? Unless you’re professing a willingness to give up Social Security, farm subsidies, public schools, public highways and bridges, and unemployment benefits, you’re a socialist, too. Or simply hypocritical.

    “When we get the school boards, city councils and congress seats we’ll fix the mess before the first shot.”

    Who is the “we,” Robert? And remember, it was voters — who probably thought they were “fixing” something — who put in the people who are already there.

    “IF we fail there, then you might better find a hole to hide in.”

    Yeah, sure, tough guy. I’m sure folks will notice that I’m not the one hiding behind a pseudonym with an eagle head graphic. Unless that’s your real head? Regardless, thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. Robert said

    I love it when folks use the “Social Security” “Farm subsidies” “Public schools and roads” meme.. It’s crap but lets go at it: Social Sec. IS a socialist tennet. It’s one I can support if its done RIGHT. Doing it right means YOU pay into it and when you retire YOU get what you put in plus the interest created from your PAYING INTO THE SYSTEM… That’s the way it was set up. Now it’s a slush fund that’s pilfered by (And here we can agree, OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS WHOM WE ELECTED) Farm subsidies? I’m all for eliminating them and allowing farmers to sell their goods. The subsidies are to KEEP FARMERS from farming. As many people that are dying in this world from starvation, why on earth we don’t allow our farmers to grow food is beyond me. But yeah stick with that. PUBLIC SCHOOLS? That’s another one I can support if it’s done right. There should not be a monopoly or a MANDATE that My kid has to go to a FEDERAL/STATE FUNDED School. I should have the right to remove my child from that school and with it MY MONEY that goes to it. I should have the right to a better education for my children. The public school system was a great idea, but PROGRESSIVES have destroyed that too. NOW folks want to get their kid away from the brain wash centers…. Highways, roads, bridges are what TAXES ARE SUPPOSED TO PAY FOR! IF you remove all the other BULLSH** from the pie there’s plenty of money for that.

    We the people are going to fix this mess. Believe it. And you can thank Obama for it. He’s opened the eyes of Americans even those coveted “Poor me” folks the progressives count on are seeing the truth. The truth is CONSERVATISM is NOT the devil, it’s the savior. We want ALL people to rise on their merits not their race or gender. We want all to succeed not by stepping on others but by their efforts and will. You wouldn’t get it but those of us who have started with nothing and made something from it KNOW it and we’re awake now thanks to Duh Won.

    I was like you once upon a time. I wanted to lift up the poor by pulling down the rich. It doesn’t work that way. Its a failed theological path. You run out of rich then what? Effort, failure teach more than hand outs. We believe in hand UPs. But the gift of everything to the few because of skin color or whatever is DONE!

    Tough guy? You have no idea. And I don’t hide from anyone. I use a gravitar like others. You want to know more about me how’s this: I live in CA, I’m behind enemy lines. I work for a fortune 500 company and have been there for a very long time. I’m a bow hunter, a gun shooter, avid golfer, and have 2 kids both boys. one grand kid. I like long walks on the beach and enjoy reading…. I don’t think I’m your type though I’m a heterosexual christian male… The only group it’s okay to insult/hate. I can take it till the shooting starts..

  4. James McPherson said

    “CONSERVATISM is NOT the devil, it’s the savior.”

    I don’t consider it to be either–though at times aspects of it have been both.

    “Highways, roads, bridges are what TAXES ARE SUPPOSED TO PAY FOR!”

    According to you. Some of us think they’re supposed to provide for what the Constitution refers to as “the general welfare” of the United States and its citizens, which would include much more than infrastructure and national defense.

    “those of us who have started with nothing and made something from it”

    So you started with bad or nonexistent parenting, no access to a good education, and no privilege based on your race, ethicity or family background, and yet “made something” of yourself? If so, congratulations. I’m sure luck had nothing to do with it. 😉 And congrats on your long-term position with a Fortune 500 company. I hope your pension is secure.

    “I’m a heterosexual christian male…”

    Congratulations; that makes two of us. And I also shoot guns, golf, and have kids and grandkids. Aren’t we special?

    “The only group it’s okay to insult/hate.”

    Yeah, right. I can tell from your thinly veiled racist and homophobic references and your comments about “progressives” and “enemy lines.”

  5. Robert said

    “According to you. Some of us think they’re supposed to provide for what the Constitution refers to as “the general welfare” of the United States and its citizens, which would include much more than infrastructure and national defense.”
    But as you progressives POL SCI professors who are on the government dime for your entire lives think, welfare is defined as supplying those unwilling to work with the cash from those who ARE. Welfare is supposed to be a hand up not a lifetime career. But that’s okay emotions run you, facts run me.

    “So you started with bad or nonexistent parenting, no access to a good education, and no privilege based on your race, ethicity or family background, and yet “made something” of yourself? If so, congratulations. I’m sure luck had nothing to do with it. And congrats on your long-term position with a Fortune 500 company. I hope your pension is secure.”

    Nonexistent parenting:Check. No access to good education: Check (Went to a failing school in a failing state) No Privilege based on race, ethnicity or family background: Check: The school I went to was 70% black 25% brown and I was in the OTHER category. Seems funny huh? LUCK yep, hard work Yep, Working 3 jobs to make ends meet. Been there done that and learned a lot more from it than sitting in a college class listening to some blowhard tell of their exploits in protest lines…

    “Congratulations; that makes two of us. And I also shoot guns, golf, and have kids and grandkids. Aren’t we special?”
    You are a Christian? Doubtful, I’m betting you only use the term Christian as a derogatory term. And I’m betting your shooting and golf game both could use some work.

    “Yeah, right. I can tell from your thinly veiled racist and homophobic references and your comments about “progressives” and “enemy lines.”

    Yep that’s a true progressive: See racism in everything. IF a black guy said it it would be true right? If a mexican said it, it would be true too right. But a white guy? Oh That’s RACIST! Man you’ve been brainwashed to the tilt.

    I see on your side bar that you are all about journalistic fairness.. You can’t be a progressive (Code word for Socialist with communist tennets) and be fair in your journalism… It’s not possible but keep trying.

    One more thing before I let you go on your merry way with your ill conceived thoughts of utopia if only us conservatives would allow you to have your way…
    You’re entire post about Civil War in America is not exactly a fair piece. You “poo Poo” it as it could never happen here. I submit we’re closer now than we have ever been. I submit that if we can’t unite behind some logical problem solving solutions. Unfortunately NONE of the solutions will be painless. There’s no courage left to take a hit to the “Trough” of government. No courage to stand instead of blame. No courage to do anything that may offend someone even if it’s the right thing. Your progressivism is in direct contradiction to the nations founding. It is however closely aligned with failed society’s through out history.

    See ya Prof.

  6. James McPherson said

    “you progressives POL SCI professors who are on the government dime for your entire lives”

    Once again, you’ve failed to read closely. I’m not a political science professor, and I work for a private institution. Before graduate school, I worked for newspapers. In fact, unless you count my time as a teaching assistant while in graduate school, I’ve never been on the “government dime.” But I don’t disparage those who are, who make my life better.

    “welfare is defined as supplying those unwilling to work with the cash from those who ARE”

    Your definition, not mine. I tend to support view of Founding Fathers Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Paine, whom some conservatives like to claim without actually knowing anything about.

    “IF a black guy said it it would be true right? If a mexican said it, it would be true too right.”

    Yeah, a “black guy” or a Mexican would say, “the gift of everything to the few because of skin color” in the same way that you meant it, right? More telling is the fact that it was obvious to me (and to anyone else who read your comment) that you were a white male.

    “I’m betting you only use the term Christian as a derogatory term.”

    That’s simply a lazy and dumb statement, as the students, trustees and administration at the Christian university where I teach (where all faculty are required to be Christians) could attest. For that matter, so could the members of the church where I’ll soon become a deacon.

    “I’m betting your shooting and golf game both could use some work.”

    For sure, though I don’t understand the relevance. Some of us have less time to practice than others.

    “Unfortunately NONE of the solutions will be painless.”

    You’re right about that, and about the lack of courage among those who make decisions. Spending is too high in some areas (military being one), and our tax rates are historically low and distorted.

    And the idea that “we’re closer now than we have ever been” to civil war remains simply ludicrous in my view, though I sincerely invite you to answer my question from the second paragraph of the post above: “Whom do you see as the ‘sides’ in this imaginary civil war?”

    Congrats on your success. You are to be commended for doing so well despite the fact that you seem to know little about what happens in a university classroom. I assume you encouraged your sons (and will encourage your grandchild) to avoid higher education, as well.

  7. Reuel said

    I find myself agreeing to this point and might I say that I do believe it was the original intent of this writing. We will never see a Civil War per-say as it was in the past. Most of our country would not have the stomach for it. We are more divided now with words than I have ever seen. We were very divided in the Civil War, Vietnam and many other times that were more violent than this divide we have now. Yes I do agree that we are not heading for a full out Civil War that would be fought in our streets. We do have more violence in our streets but it is not do to “Civil War”. Read the police records for any large city, South side of Chicago has been at war for decades. Yes both sides have nutters that talk the talk but will never engage in “Civil War”

  8. James McPherson said

    Careful, Reuel–if you keep agreeing with me people are going to start calling you a liberal. 🙂 Of course my recent post about Newsweek’s profanity had folks on both sides accusing me of being a conservative, so maybe I’m the one who has switched sides.

    Or maybe most people are simply too complicated to put into simplistic boxes. Thanks for the comment.

  9. eurobrat said

    Agreed that a new Civil War is unlikely, and that we have been just as divided or more in the past. I find it hilarious when I hear pundits talk about things like Occupy protests or riots in Europe and say “We’ve never seen anything like this before…” Really…? The only issue I can think of which might potentially lead to violent conflict is that of race, with the changing demographics of the country, the first African-American President etc. However, I choose to be an optimist and believe that we will gracefully mature into the multi-racial, multi-cultural society we were meant to be 🙂

    However, if Robert is right and we’re closer than we’ve ever been to Civil War and “you might better find a hole to hide in”…then I can take comfort in the fact that I live in a progressive region of the country, and if everything goes to hell, we can always break off into an autonomous Cascadia Region 😉

  10. James McPherson said

    Alas, though technically in Cascadia, I’m in the part of Washington that’s nestles up to Idaho, both geographically and philosophically. So if shooting were to erupt there’s a lot of gunslingers between me and the sea. But I think you’re right that we’ll continue to evolve–with perhaps a few bumps along the way–into the sort of multi-racial, multi-cultural society that is already found in some of our more enlightened areas. Thanks for the comment.

  11. eurobrat said

    Ah, I’ve always assumed Eastern Oregon and Washington would not join the liberal Cascadia region, since I imagine most of the people there would not want to. Good luck in the event of Armageddon 😉 Also, sorry about the late reply–I’ve had a few days of WordPress chaos due to my “Comments I’ve Made” link disappearing.

  12. James McPherson said

    Welcome back. You’re probably right about the parts of Oregon & Washington that ought to join with Idaho, and I doubt I could sneak through to the coastal region so I’m probably doomed. 🙂

  13. Matt Hale said

    race matters. Behavior & genetics are related. That’s what the next civil war is going to be about. Taxes & freedom. White people are not going to work while non-whites destroy this country. Only a matter of time. The issue is race. Like it or not. Don’t be an untested liberial thinking you know what you talking about. White people are very violent when they are scared, you are not taking that into account.

  14. James McPherson said

    “White people are very violent when they are scared”

    Some are, and some white people combine their fear with stupidity–especially those who call themselves “white nationalists” or use other goofy terms to try to excuse their racism. Thanks for the comment.

  15. James McPherson said

    “White people are not going to work while non-whites destroy this country.”

    And by the way, how are non-whites destroying the country? And no, I don’t expect a coherant answer.

  16. Alarmist have been with us a long time (fire-eaters, etc.). The only difference is that today, a) we, thankfully, don’t have any issues nearly as polarizing as slavery and b) most Americans are too lazy, politically apathetic or comfortable in their American Idol-watching lives to do anything other than write the occasion letter to the editor or complain to family members about the latest Beck and/or Obermann rant.

    I did find this quote from Richard intriguing:

    “Free thinkers know the real issues and are not going to be swayed by your lies anymore.”

    Freethinkers? Really?

  17. James McPherson said

    True, Jeremy–and most won’t even write a letter to the editor, which they’d have to sign and mail or email, when it’s so much easier simply to fire off a comment on a blog. Good point about “free thinkers”–I had missed that. Thanks.

  18. Krush said

    Denial is my favorite river in Egypt! Don’t you realize that Obama’s campaign of discontent is classic Marxist agitation?! This is a classic method to stir up civil war! And you rip on other people for not knowing their history?!

  19. your just another zionist puppet

  20. tim said

    As long as any proposed “civil” war would interrupt either Jershey Shore, Dancing with the Starts or Survivor there is no chance of moving Americans off their couches and into what, the cold streets to shoot at each other? LOLOL….The rabid right wing needs a reality check cuz they live on another planet.

  21. […] unrest, civil disobedience, civil war” (considering that he’s a Texan, though, his stupidity may not be particularly surprising). Still, it might be moderately surprising that Republicans […]

  22. It’s a shibboleth in the Religious Right that “you can’t go against the Word of God.” And of course, in the Gospels, Jesus predicts that all true Christians will be persecuted. I see a lot of well-off white Christan Americans, people who are blessed and comfortable beyond the wildest imaginings of most of the planet’s population, who complain that they are being “persecuted” when someone says their science is nonsense or their history is bunk. They want to believe themselves to be the victims of persecution, since that would be a sign of their holiness; and it is much more comfortable to see yourself as a martyr while living in a secure home protected by laws in a country where 80% of the population considers itself Christian, instead of actually following the Gospel, loving your enemies, beating your swords into plowshares, or giving your second car to the poor (or second shirt, as John the Baptist originally put it).

    I think that Kierkegaard would compare our “age of reflection” with an actual “age of revolution” (see _Two Ages: the age of revolution and the present age_). The Civil War was an age of revolution. People felt passionately and were willing to risk their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for the cause of abolition (or against it; “passion” is morally neutral in this context). People threw themselves into a thing. We live in an age of reflection. We snipe at each other, we mock, we attack anyone who seems to be a genuine individual, a genuine talent, we envy. We talk big, about how we’re being persecuted and how we should prepare to defend ourselves; and then when someone actually acts on that rhetoric, we are actually surprised that anyone took it seriously, and offended that anyone would associate our call to arms with someone actually taking up arms. We are a “sensible, reflecting age, devoid of passion, flaring up in superficial, short-lived enthusiasm and prudentially relaxing in indolence.” (p. 68 of the Hong translation).

    This is the age of “the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot.” I would include the shallow, puffed up bravado of the conservative who announces his willingness to fight in the coming civil war (but who would be insulted if you linked him to, say, the shooter at the Sikh temple, who likewise was trying to fight the civil war); but I would also include the shallow, puffed up world-changer who voted for Obama expecting a messiah who could magically fix the economy, make professional partisans love each other and finally give me that flying car I was promised we’d have by the 21st Century. After 9/11, I saw people coming together in a way I hadn’t seen for years, and I really hoped that we would become a nation that would truly “pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.” But instead, within 24 hours the leaders of the Religious Right were looking to blame their fellow Americans, as if just making war on the feminists would be enough to magically protect us from every having to endure a terrorist attack. When a hurricane and flooding destroyed one of the greatest of our cities, many were more anxious to find someone to blame, as if we could be safe from storms if we just got rid of the gays. And so now here we are again: no energy for actually fixing problems, no attention span capable of even seeing a problem through from start to solution, but with a seemingly endless capacity to find others to blame. Civil war? That would take actually doing something. Marching out to battle against an empty field, marching around a few times, proclaiming victory and rushing off to the celebratory party? Much, much simpler.

  23. James McPherson said

    Well said, philosophicalscraps–I enjoyed reading your comment. Thanks for making it.

    And of course even simpler–and even less effective–than “marching out to battle against an empty field” is to berate and belittle one’s “enemies” via blog comments from the comfort and safety of one’s own couch, then to “proclaim victory” because other commenters anonymously “agree.” Thanks again for being more thoughtful than that.

  24. Benjamin said

    I have read much of this thread of comments and wish to respectfully disagree with your political ideology. That being said, I also will do so with respect for your opinions and will not resort to insulting you and simultaneously invalidating everything I am trying to say 🙂

    I am a conservative and a Christian (among many other things) but one thing I am not is a name-caller to make a point. You seem like a good person. I deeply disagree with your beliefs politically (from what I have read) but that is ok.

    I will let you know that Glenn Beck has not “slunk into near oblivion”. He has spent the last year launching his own television network that is now also (as of today) a channel on Dish Network. His Internet network has grown to over 300,000+ subscribers and his news site “The Blaze” had over 40 million page views in the first month, and is over 75 million last month with 9 million “unique views”. He has also hosted several successful events throughout this last year including his 8/28 rally at the Lincoln memorial before leaving Fox, then one in Jerusalem, and most recently packed Dallas Cowboys Stadium for a weekend of “Restoring Love”.

    I believe he is a man of good nature and intention. I personally haven’t taken things he has said on his shows as gospel, I have done my homework, and found his statements and research to be factual and verifiable, most of the time in people’s own words. (and yes, no tricky edits).

    His opinions, though, or in other words, how those facts are reacted to, may be different than yours and sometimes mine, but his merit I believe is to be respected. Name one man in news or across the political spectrum that “pays for his own research for his show to make sure they are exactly right on the facts.” (paraphrase of Beck’s regarding his Fox show and current Network).

    Okay, to my point:

    I would agree with your healthy skepticism of the prospects of “Civil War 2 : The Sequel” ( obviously said in that suspenseful movie announcer voice-over guy voice )

    But, that being said, I would implore you to consider the precarious position many Americans are in from the economic pressures, social divisions, political tensions, and the plain ole’ “This was not what I thought life would be like in the America I grew up in” syndrome many people are seeming to have, that civil unrest and violence could erupt, most likely at the trigger of an event.

    We, societally and economically, seem to be nearing a boiling point, hanging by a thread, and I believe we do not have the elasticity to handle something major like a tight presidential election that resembles the Bush-Gore nightmare, or a “Dec 21, 2012” Doomsday freakout spurring a run on banks, grocery stores, generators, and gas pumps. (No, I do not believe anything will happen, except for 10-20% of the American people freaking out, but that is scary enough).

    But with our current state of pressure, November elections, December freak out on deck, and January Inauguration in the hole, we may have ourselves a grand slam that rivals any of our previous “domestic disturbances”.

  25. james said

    I think this new civil war should happen Obama has declared war on American civilians because we are not going to give up our firearms to anyone and I don’t really think Mr.Obama knows what will happen if they try to confiscate all of our weapons. The very next day we will get invaded by all the dirt bag counties that hate us then we the citizens of this country have nothing to defend ourselves with. But Obama wants to wage war on the people of this country and threat of drone stikes on american people on American soil is an act of war and should be treated as such by the people we need to fight back and win so we the people who live here can put the government back to the way president Washington started the government and the country and follow the constitution and the bill of rights to the letter we don’t need dictators here in this country

  26. James McPherson said

    “I think this new civil war should happen”

    So I’ll ask you the question mentioned above, James: Who do you see as the “sides” in this “new civil war”?

    “The very next day we will get invaded by all the dirt bag counties”

    Really, James? Which “counties” do you see invading us? And do you think we’re shutting down the military?

    “threat of drone stikes on american people on American soil”

    Where is that from, other than the fevered imagination of Glenn Beck and Rand Paul? I am a big critic of the foreign drone program, and the targeting of Americans overseas overseas, though.

  27. james said

    I didn’t say anything about shutting down the military butt head i said if the government starts the new civil war and tries to have our military attack the people I’m sure they would not listen to those orders and face the government with us side by side. I haven’t heard this stuff just from glen beck but also Alex Jones and Ted Nugent. Me and a lot of people who own firearms will not give them up Obama wants to declare on the people of this country i say bring it. He’s just started a fight he can’t win the people need to stand up and say that’s enough to Obama he wants to burn the constitution and the bill of rights. Hell he has UN troops over here training for martial law and kick in doors to take our guns and plans for launching drone strikes against us if we don’t hand the guns over . And now the point of invasion i was talking about with Obama’s new gun and so called assault weapons ban and gun confiscation proposal now if the UN is in on it all the country’s that hate us will know that we are weak and defenseless will invade and kill us. Country’s such as Russia-China-north Korea- the Arab country’s- and probably every country we’ve ever had a major conflict with now russia man they’ve been wanting to destroy us for decades with nukes or armed invasion

  28. James McPherson said

    “i said if the government starts the new civil war”

    Re-reading your comment above I still can’t find anything about the government starting a civil war, unless you meant to imply that through your reference to the supposed taking away of guns. But your first line was. “I think this new civil war should happen”–so I ask again, who do you see as the “sides” in this war? Who is fighting on the “government” side?

    And considering the fact that we have a military larger than that of the next 10 nations combined, the idea that you think Russia, China, North Korea and the “Arab country’s” could and would get together to “invade and kill us” explains nearly as much as the fact that you rely on info not just from Glenn Beck “but also Alex Jones and Ted Nugent.” I hope you’re not counting on that fine collection of paranoid chickenhawks to lead your army.

    Thanks for the comment, and the further explanation–sorry I was slow to approve and respond to your first one; I haven’t spend as much time with blogs (including my own) lately as at some times.

  29. james said

    Well obviously you’ve never seen red dawn the original and the remake. and obviously your not a American and if you are you are a traitor . And if you try say I’m a traitor your wrong the constitution says if the people feel that there freedoms are being taken away we have the rite to over throw said government and start anew . We need to take back control of our country and restore it to the way president Washington and the founding father’s started the government by the people and for the people .so no body is going to take our guns our second amendment freedom our constitution or our bill of rights. And also to answer your idiotic question who we would be fighting. Well lets see here Obama has brought the UN troops over here and the threat of drone strikes against us i think that all the country’s people who own firearms should band together and any of our military personnel that is willing to lay down his or her life for this country. It seems like they are trying to make our country into a Communist dictator ship. I will not give up my guns and all the other gun owners are not going to give up there guns. If it does come down to a fight we’ll give them one. And for you to say that people like alex Jones or ted nugent and glen beck to be crazy what does that make you those guys are good people and work with NRA I’m a member of the NRA also. I’m just not willing to let Obama flush the constitution and the bill of rights and the country down the toilet.

  30. James McPherson said

    “Well obviously you’ve never seen red dawn the original and the remake.”

    Actually I did see the original. I’ve also seen a lot of Road Runner cartoons, but don’t worry about a safe falling on my head when I drive through the desert.

    “obviously your not a American and if you are you are a traitor”

    American born and raised. And your definition of “traitor” needs a little work, friend.

    “We need to take back control of our country”

    Who is “we”? And who are you taking it back from? The majority that voted against what you wanted? (That’s a question I’ve been asking for a long time: https://jmcpherson.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/a-question-for-tea-partiers-who-want-to-take-back-america/).

    “If it does come down to a fight…”

    It won’t, despite the paranoid fantasies of your heroes.

    “we’ll give them one.”

    Yeah, sure.

    “I’m a member of the NRA also”

    I guessed that, just from the misspellings. 😉

  31. james said

    Your a dick get a life or you can go to hell stop replying i don’t have time for stupid non patriots like you .

  32. James McPherson said

    “i don’t have time for stupid non patriots like you”

    And yet you chose to respond to a post that was almost a year old. 🙂 Thanks again for that; I enjoyed your comments, even if I suspect you’re actually one of my liberal friends trying to play a joke on me with an exaggerated fake-conservative routine.

    After all, a real “patriot” would surely know the difference between the Declaration of Independence, which claims the people’s right to overthrow their government, and the Constitution, which makes no such claim. On the other hand, if you really rely on Beck, Jones and Nugent for information, I can understand why your Constitutional knowledge might be a bit shaky.

  33. james said

    It’s not my fault you are a mindless know it all . Don’t bother returning the message I’m done talking to you good bye

  34. James McPherson said

    “I’m done talking to you.”

    Pity; you’ll be missed. But thanks for brightening my day. 😉

  35. eurobrat said

    Yeah, I have to say in response to James that I don’t want this gov’t to be overthrown. I like and voted for this President, and so did most people I know. So my concern is, in this theoretical civil war, what happens to people like us who aren’t opposed to this gov’t? We’re a sizable chunk of the country. This becomes even more interesting when people start talking secession, and even *more* interesting when they start talking secession in a blue state…

    And yes, it’s great to get e-mails in my box about a political discussion from a year ago, haha 😉

  36. james said

    The president is corrupt and killing this country he wants to burn the constitution and the bill of rights so all the people in this country need to wake up to what’s going on Obama declared war on the people of this country we need to take our country back and put it back to the way president Washington started the government by following the constitu:tion of the united states and the bill of rights and anyone that says different isn’t American. The main problem is we the people have become way to reliant on the government we and some people have forgotten how to be more self reliant. We cannot keep depending on the government to protect us. Obama’s already trying to get our guns next week it will be the constitution or our bill of rights we as Americans cannot let this happened. You have have your opinions and i have mine. The military isn’t the only group of people who have the rite to protect this country it’s we the people not the government they need to have our approval to take our guns and that’s not going to happen the jerks in the white house are way to greedy and power hungry i mean look at the shit they are using our hard worked tax dollars on trillions of dollars on what exactly a million dollar toilet seat made of gold. That’s. Our money and there misappropriating those funds . So are you done bugging me now I’d like to get to sleep now

  37. james said

    If your not with the majority your the enemy and traitors should be dealt with harshly and now leave me alone good night

  38. James McPherson said

    Eurobrat: I like some things about Obama, dislike others. I didn’t vote for him (or for Romney). And yes, the “civil war” folks are obviously delusional. And you’re right, the “secessionists” are even more so. Here’s something I wrote on that–and it’s barely four months old. 🙂 https://jmcpherson.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/texas-lullabye-bye-sadly-secession-just-a-dream/

    James, you’re making no sense. The only reason anyone or anything here is “bugging” you is because you inexplicably choose to keep coming back.

    “If your not with the majority your the enemy”

    Assuming you mean “you’re,” I assume that means that the fact that you voted against Obama–unlike the majority of voters who cast ballots for him–makes you “the enemy” and perhaps a “traitor” who “should be dealt with harshly”? I don’t wish any further punishment for you, though; you seem to be tortured enough.

  39. eurobrat said

    Little did I know that I had woken James up from his sleep and forced him to comment on a blog which he commented on in the first place 😉

    Definitely not saying that Obama is perfect, but I vastly preferred him to the alternative during the last election, and yes, you are correct that I was in the majority when it comes to this. So there would be quite a few people to be “dealt with harshly” in this country–could get complicated.

    To the Civil War James: If you are getting bugged by my comments, it is very likely that you have WordPress set to have an e-mail sent to you every time someone comments on this blog. If you don’t want to have this happen, just unclick the “notify me via email” box below your comment, and that way you won’t hear from us evil liberals anymore 🙂

  40. james said

    I’m sorry if i offended you. You have your beliefs and i got mine. Please pull me from the site i won’t bug you any more thanks

  41. James McPherson said

    No problem, James. And there’s no live link to your name, so presumably no one has any way of knowing who you are. They may even assume you’re me, since we have the same name. 😉 Take care.

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