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Any Portman in a storm for Romney VP?

Posted by James McPherson on July 16, 2012

In honor of Romney, the Honeymooners’ great “poloponies” scene.

OK, so I couldn’t resist the pun above (previous headlines show that I rarely can, much to my wife’s dismay)–but I do think that Ohio Sen. Rob Portman might be the best of Mitt Romney’s boring choices for running mate. Portman is so boring, in fact, that when a friend ask me a few days ago whom I thought Romney would pick, I completely forgot Portman , responding: “Maybe Tim Pawlenty as the safe (boring) pick. Maybe Marsha Blackburn or Kelly Ayotte or Susan Martinez to shake things up a bit. Maybe Paul Ryan if he still thinks he needs to go right. My pick as the one most likely to help, though I don’t know if he’d do it (or if anyone can help enough): [Mike] Huckabee.”

I haven’t paid as much attention to the VP process as I did four years ago when I recommended Sarah Palin and Joe Biden as VP picks (and no, I don’t think the campaigns were reading my blog and following my advice–if they had been, John McCain would probably still be sending me hate mail).

The New York Times reports that Romney has apparently made his choice, and may announce it this week (Same-day note: The Romney campaign denies that a decision has been made, though in Romney’s case he might have changed his mind, anyway.) The timing, Slate points out, “would give the Republican a chance to change a political conversation that is currently focused squarely on Romney’s time as head of Bain Capital.” The Times seems to think that Pawlenty will be the nominee.

Pawlenty would be no big surprise. He has been consistently overrated as a presidential candidate, the Republican equivalent of Democrat Dick Gephardt–a dull, Midwestern white guy who offends no one but whom, as the Times article suggests about Pawlenty, “lacks a fiery presence and the ability to excite a crowd.” On the other hand, an NBC piece handicapping potential candidates notes about Portman, “While ‘boring’ has an upside, it also has a downside, too. A potential Romney-Portman ticket has been dubbed ‘boredom squared.”

Though it might take some attention away from the Bain mess and other problems associated with being rich, I think naming the VP nominee this week would be a mistake for Romney. For one thing, he’s about to leave for the Olympics–and anything that connects Romney to the Olympics could be good for him. Well, perhaps anything not involving prancing ponies. But by the way, aren’t the new Olympic uniforms, made in China and boasting a prominent polo player logo, a perfect symbol for Romney’s America?

For another thing, few people are paying attention to politics right now, anyway. (That’s also why Romney should release a deluge of his tax returns on a summer Friday, perhaps during the Olympics,definitely no later than the Friday before Labor Day.) Americans have short attention spans–one reason that Portman’s previous job as George W. Bush’s budget director probably wouldn’t hurt him or Romney with the electorate. But Romney likely won’t take that chance, or go for any of the even more daring options. And it probably won’t matter, anyway.

34 Responses to “Any Portman in a storm for Romney VP?”

  1. melfamy said

    That’s a good idea, Romney getting the tax stuff and the overseas stuff out there when attention is focused elsewhere. I hope he doesn’t listen to you.

    I like Chris Christie as a running mate, actually I wish he was the nominee. I have little knowledge of his position on the issues, but I like the guy, I like his off the cuff answers and no-BS style of speaking. He would make the race interesting.

  2. If Romney were to nab my boy, RP, things could get very interesting. I agree with G.: A choice such as Christie would be a bold move, and truly I think that’s what Romney needs (some pizzazz and all that jazz.) Of course, deep down, I’d love to see Rubio (a lot more of him) or West.

  3. melfamy said

    Don’t get me wrong here, I am voting for Gary Johnson…
    I understand West’s appeal, but he is just a loudmouth with no answers, only invective. The man needs to get some more time between him and his military experience. Rubio already has baggage; he used a Repub party Credit card for personal expenses, and lied about his family fleeing the Castro regime( they emigrated before Castro was in power).

  4. James McPherson said

    I think Christie would be too liberal, West too “Tea Party,” and both too “impolite” for Romney. I think he considers Ron Paul to be a nut (the feeling may be mutual). He might like Rubio, but I think he’s too young and would focus things too much on immigration–a topic every candidate wants to avoid. My opinions only, of course.

    By the way, Greg, you may have noticed that I linked to one of your posts above (and on Facebook, where it has three or four “likes”). Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Reuel said

    I think we have enough excitement in Washington, I would prefer Portman over Pawlenty. I also think Romney should play “Lets make a Trade”. I will release my Taxes as soon as we see if Barry is really as smart as everyone says he is. Release the school records. President Obama’s two books about himself are now being found to be Fiction and fantasy of a drug induced young man. Yesterday he quote a “New Independent study” that says Romney’s plan will out source 800,000 jobs. Do I need to say to whom that study was done by? Guess, she isn’t a “Independent” and she worked on his 2008 run. So we can just throw anything out there and the masses believe it. Instead of anyone questioning his plan of building up from the middle, WHAT? Yes he really said that and they believe it. Then we also need to take more money from the rich to filter it though the government to raise this middle. Considering the amount of money that is left after a visit to Washington, that is going to be a huge amount of money. Even the Job Zar for Obama has out source more jobs than Romney ever has. A little know company know as GE. But he gets a pass and still produces equipment in China that is sold here in the US because of to many regulations.Oh and they don’t have to pay taxes on that profits. Bain is a distraction and quite possibly saved more jobs than were out sourced, just ask the three Democrats that worked there at the same time and one is a big launderer(Bundler) for Obama/Biden 2012. SO yes please give us a little boring for a “Change” and “Forward” Thinking.Oh and Have a nice day. 🙂

  6. William Gates said

    ” But he gets a pass and still produces equipment in China that is sold here in the US because of to many regulations.”

    I guess everyone except the far right knows that a company’s biggest expense is usually payroll. That’s the reason for outsourcing. Cheap labor not regulation. Regulations stop our sky from looking like China’s does.

  7. James McPherson said

    “I also think Romney should play “Lets make a Trade”. I will release my Taxes as soon as we see if Barry is really as smart as everyone says he is. Release the school records.”

    A couple of problems with that, as I see it. First, we have no tradition of any president releasing his school records, as far as I know (though some of Bush’s were leaked), while we have a long tradition of presidential candidates releasing their tax records. Mitt’s dad was a big proponent of that sort of transparency.

    And besides, how are Obama’s grades relevant, especially after he’s been on the job for three years? It seems there’s plenty to judge him by based on the job he’s done, and I suspect that’s what voters will look at. But what should we look at with Romney? He doesn’t want to talk about his time with Bain or his time as governor. And don’t you think voters should be interested in a candidate’s taxes? Thanks.

  8. Reuel said

    William; Our plants are not like they were in the 1970’s, I know I help fix that, China, India or Russia has a no EPA. Oh our sky is being effected by the starting of a new Coal Plant a week in China, They are not playing by the same rules, or should I say the new rules just enacted by the Dept of Energy. I agreed that we needed to improve and find clean coal usage, I lived in the Pittsburgh area in the 1970’s, it looked like China today. It is cleaner for two reasons, steel production in this country is gone, and the Coal Fired power plants on the Ohio River installed equipment to reduce pollution. We did reduce emissions massively and at a large cost. To achieve the new requirements are almost impossible and costly. They are all shutting down over the next few years. Yes it is cheap labor and their lack of regulations. Just because they are polluting on the other side of the world does not mean it is not effecting us, Want proof, look at the last months weather and the corn crop. I am not from the “Right” I am from the middle and yes we have climate change cause by not us but China, India and Russia. I have been in the Power Plant Industry for 38 Years, There is a balance that must be maintained to which the US understands, We cleaned up our act and the new industrial leaders don’t care they to have breached that balance and it will effect not just their sky but all of our skies. The biggest question in the world is not the ridiculous talking point brought on by either of the current Presidential wannabes to the throne, it is how are we going to provide for our future generations when they both want to talk about releasing Tax Records, School Records, James Don’t you think that some loyal Democratic Bureaucrat in the IRS has not already done this and did they find anything? If they would of they would of Audited him. It a election year distraction because Barry has ran up the debt to 17 trillion dollars and the unemployment is still 8.2 %, the longest streak since the Great depression. But lets talk about Bain, Taxes, His wife’s horse that helps her with her complication with MS, how out of touch he is and nothing that will never be proven to be against any current laws. Is that what we want running this country, a promiser and chief to make all your dreams come true with the help of some others money. I am judging him on the job he has done. A big F. Should of picked Hillary as I did, we would not be having this discussion I am quite sure.

  9. William Gates said

    All I was replying to was your talking point. Maybe there are regulations that could be relaxed. But when the other party is in office do they ever do that? No. Did you have criticism for GWB? There is no guarantee that any additional revenue that may be made by companies affect by federal regulations would go to any of the lower wage workers. It may just be added to the company’s bottom line so the higher wage earners get fatter bonuses. Right? Yeah, that helps.

    This is America and the good thing is that when one industry ends another begins. There definitely is a balance that needs to be maintained but you have to remember that our government is mainly reactionary and doesn’t come up with these regulations you speak of until someone has done something wrong or immoral. Sarbanes-Oxley immediately comes to mind signed into law by none other than W himself.

    I agree about the ridiculous talking points that are going on . Obama’s grades and birthers, Romney’s taxes, etc. But Bain is fair game since he used that as part of his campaign platform to justify his experience as a “job creator”. If he touts it, it can be attacked. No rules broken there. If job creation is a talking point, outsourcing jobs can also be one.

    I agree there are a lot of things Obama could have done better. I also know in part of running up debt in the first two years were GWB’s bill coming due. The bills for 2 wars, not originally budgeted for, aren’t paid instantly. That and Medicare D is quite a hit to take. I don’t agree with the handling of GM’s CEO. Even though it would have created minimal jobs (not 20,000 like some have wrongly speculated), I think the decision for the Keystone Pipeline should have be left in the hands of the State Dept with input from the states that are affected representatives. I don’t think Obama should’ve just stepped in and said no unless that advice was from Nebraska. Then rerouting should have been an alternative.

    ” I am not from the “Right” I am from the middle ”

    Doubtful. All I see is “Barry” and “democrats” in your criticizing posts. Maybe I’m not looking close enough but I have yet to see deservedly criticism for both sides.

  10. Reuel said

    The only criticizim I have of GWB was when he bought into the “Kennedy No Child left behind” He should of learn from his fathers mistake of making a deal with the left on “If I agree to let you raise taxes, you will make some spending cuts” It gets the Republicans every time. “Read MY Lips, No New Taxes” “No Child left behind was not funded” ” Spending cuts never happen.Then the Left use it as a election issue and call them liars. Did you see the amount the Education budget went up from 2001 to 2009? GWB did what he said he would do, if you liked it or not. The current “Barry” gets tagged “Barry” because he Is for “Barry” and no other. He has truly lied to even his supporters and I will never trust “Barry”. And the last two years of the GWB administration you put none of the blame on a Democratic congress? Interesting. Barney Frank quote” There is nothing wrong with Freddy and Fanny”. They spent two years investigating the Bush administration and not doing their job, for what “No findings” in any investigations. Period. What did the Democrats do the first two years when they held it all? They could of rolled the tax cuts back but they extended them, they could of not wasted 867 Billion Stumuilas bill that did nothing but ad to the debt and payback “Friends of Campaign donations”. Barry was not ready for the position he was put into and that is quite evident. But he sure can read good. Do you know why I have respect for GWB? After 911 he was a uniter and about two months after that the left went for politic over country. As I said he did what he said he would do, and both parties voted for both military actions that happened. How many more years did you want us to keep enforcing the no fly zone and how many more UN resolutions was it going to take? It was not only about “WMD” It was finishing what his father started and President Clinton used to wag the dog for 8 years. He told Saddam and the world he was going to do it and he did it. Like it or not. I was a Democrat before I was a independent. Three President on the right made deals with the left, Reagan, Bush and Bush and all three were lied to and all three had a Talking point used against them for the following election. I don’t use talking points, I call them as I see them and Barry is a Barry.

    Hillary 2012 any Questions? PUMA

  11. melfamy said

    No Americans were killed in the ‘no-fly zones, as I recall. You admire the fact that 5000 Americans are dead for no good reason? Note: there were no WMD’s in Iraq, and Blixen’s team begged for more time to prove it.

  12. William Gates said

    ” And the last two years of the GWB administration you put none of the blame on a Democratic congress? ”

    Let’s see I said Medicare D and that was in 2003. Ironically the same time the invasion of Iraq. There wasn’t a democratic congress then. Total republican majority. If I were you, I’d brush up on how this system works. If a president signs it into law, that’s it. He owns it . Good or bad. If he doesn’t agree he should veto it. Then if it goes back to congress and passes without his signature THEN it belongs to them. There’s no “I made a deal and they didn’t honor it”.

    “They could of rolled the tax cuts back but they extended them, they could of not wasted 867 Billion Stumuilas bill”

    What about the 2008 $500 billion dollars TARP program that GWB signed.

    “Did you see the amount the Education budget went up from 2001 to 2009?”

    No, but I saw Bush propose $500 million to Africa to fight AIDS. Think we could have used that here?

    “Oh and they don’t have to pay taxes on that profits.”

    GE Financials lost $32 Billion in the midst of the economic meltdown. They ended up with an effective tax rate of 7% in 2010 because of it. That, sir, is one of those “talking points you say you don’t use. Businesses are just like us. They start at a rate and then subtract deductions. I’m sure they’d rather paid taxes on $32 Billion than lose it or doesn’t that make sense to you?

    It’s mighty funny when people complain about regulations and corporate taxes being so high. then, when a company takes advantage of the tax code and pays a lower rate, they don’t like it. Also funny that GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt is a republican but you guys turn your back on him when he’s in a good position to help the country.

    If you call them like you see them, the Eye Center has flexible hours and takes most insurances. I recommend them.

    Hillary? Please. I guess you’re still mad about that. PUMA? Are you suggesting she’s a cougar? Shame on you.

    I saw a whole lot of opinion in there, as difficult as it was to read. Didn’t see much facts so it’s pretty much just a rant. And not a very good one.

  13. James McPherson said

    William, Reuel isn’t calling Hillary a cougar; he’s actually referring to the group of Hillary supporters that may actually have spawned the birthers. I wrote more about them (though not in connection to birthers at https://jmcpherson.wordpress.com/2008/07/25/pumas-stalk-political-relevance-and-irony/ and a bit at https://jmcpherson.wordpress.com/2008/08/03/blog-power-exercises-in-self-delusion/.

    Thanks, guys, for a vigorous discussion.

  14. William Gates said

    I figured as such. The cougar part was a joke. Didn’t know what PUMA meant though so thanks for enlightening me.

    Birthers? Are we really going through that again? Maybe he needs to hang out at the birther site with flsawdust. Why is this so hard to believe?

    “On Wednesday, the White House released a copy of the original birth certificate.

    Below Obama’s mother’s signature was one which appeared to read: “David. A. Sinclair.”
    Sinclair had an obstetrics and gynecology practice in Honolulu and delivered babies all over Hawaii when Obama was born in 1961, said his son Karl Sinclair, 55, of Kailua. The doctor retired in the late 1990s and died in 2003 at 81.

    “What a shocker,” said Karl Sinclair, one of six children. “It’s amazing. I’m blown away by it, quite honestly.”
    They found out because one of their relatives was awake at 3 a.m. watching the news and saw the signature, said Dawn Yoshimura-Sinclair, who is married to another Sinclair son, Dr. Brian Sinclair, a neuroradiologist.

    “We can attest to the fact that it is indeed dad’s signature,” Yoshimura-Sinclair said. “It’s not a common name over here. There’s no confusion that it was dad.”
    Relatives said while they previously never made the connection, looking back it makes sense because there were few obstetricians in Honolulu at the time.”

    “Karl Sinclair said he hopes the birth certificate will end the speculation.”

    “To me, the birth certificate doesn’t lie,” he said. “I think that should put everything to bed.” I guess not.


  15. James McPherson said

    No, Reuel isn’t a birther, and I don’t even know if he knows about that some of the PUMAs were early birthers–sorry I created more confusion by wording it the way I did.

    He was referring to the PUMAs because they (and he) were Hillary supporters, then I added the “birther” connection. He’s actually a pretty reasonable guy, except for the fact that he likes Bush too much. Right Reuel? 🙂

  16. Reuel said

    Yes I knew the PUMA’s were the original Birthers, That is what lead me to World Nut Daily and William I know how Washington Works. No WMD or equipment to produce WMD, No Americans killed enforcing the no fly zone, are you sure? If you read President Bush’s UN speech you will see it was not just about WMD, but that is what the left repeated endlessly, because most of their followers can only comprehend short talking points. OK So let look at where we are now, Barry Bombed Libya with zero congressional approval, UN and NATO approved only, as what Iraq was, but Congress approved Iraq. Iraq is just about the most stable country in the region now and the sit back, bomb from the air and wait to see what happens policy in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and lets not forget Pakistan is only stirring a very large pot that is turning the middle east back a thousand years, do we know who is assuming power in these new adventures of Barry, yes and if your a woman or practice another religion other than theirs, may I add NON-religious also. Ask Hillary how her visit was the other day to Egypt. These are going to get a lot of Americans killed in the future. Then lets get to REAL lies told by Barry, Cuba, Violating the sovereignty of countries that were not approved by congress only foreign entities. I will cut the deficient in have by the end of my first term. Hear is what I think about the whole birth story, it was a distraction from the fact that he used foreign student grants to go to school and his grades where less than stellar, thing is I wouldn’t of cared if he just admitted it. It was just about the most brilliant plan he has ever had to get a advanced education. The funniest one is his two books about his life growing up, you know the ones that he admitted to doing a lot of drug and sharing them with his friends. You know that was a felony back then, unlike the one they are trying to tag on Romney. Oh side bar, drug make you do bad in school also. SO the real grades will never be shown either, but one of the University said he was aCumm a tah tah or something. Yes I rant, so, last time I checked we were a free country and I don’t try to make myself look smart by reading off a teleprompter. Just so you know the Cold war is back on and you better be thankful for the ones of us that don’t mind suiting up to protect this freedom we have. You know if it wasn’t for Russia we wouldn’t of had to go to Iraq, Libya, and many other locations I am not a liberty to tell you. But let just say if Iran gets the big one, nah not going there today. Yes I Still Support President Bush and only the left says he lied, he did what he said he would do, like it or not. Can you say that about Barry? NO. DO have a nice day, it has been a nice debate.

  17. Reuel said

    James; did you see the headline of Drudge today, I was almost half tempted to go see what is going on at WND and Western Journalism. I do miss the debates with Ellen though, It did give me a nice break from my otherwise calculated job.

  18. melfamy said

    Iraq, stable?

    Jun 21, 2012 – The speaker of Iraq’s parliament declared Thursday that lawmakers are prepared to oust the nation’s prime minister if he refuses to share …
    Jul 7, 2012 – BAGHDAD — A suicide bomber detonated an explosives-rigged belt at a gathering of his own family in western Iraq,…
    Jun 18, 2012 – From Yahoo! News: BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A suicide bomber killed at least 15 people mourning at a Shi’ite funeral …..
    May 13, 2012 – From Yahoo! News: BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A suicide bomber targeting a police checkpoint in Baghdad killed at least three people…..
    Jul 5, 2012 – MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) – At least three people were killed and 15 wounded on Thursday when a suicide bomber blew himself up

    Jun 21, 2012 – The speaker of Iraq’s parliament declared Thursday that lawmakers are prepared to oust the nation’s prime minister if …..

  19. Reuel said

    Yes melfamy you could say the same about South Chicago, but they (Iraq) are keeping it in their borders unlike Saddam. In the Middle East that is under control. Ever been there? Save some money and just go visit the fine community Barry made all better in South Chicago. It is even worse than Iraq. How’s that Libya, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan and Iran thing working out? Sometimes you just got put humans on the ground to get the job done right. Do I like that is required?, nope. It just a basis fact of this complicated world and If I were young again I would go again. I ask again. Ever been there? If not you would not understand. The people we freed are grateful, but you don’t see that on the Left Stream media only made up numbers of civilian they say we killed. Vietnam was the same thing. 54,000 good Americans died there mostly because of a dysfunctional government leadership in place. But all we heard about was some 3 month in theater wonder reporting to congress and throwing his medal over the White House fence that he wrote his own citations for.

    Melfamy; How many mass graves did our men and women uncover in Iraq and how many were in them? Yes Iraq is stable. I count a total of 33 from you above total. Yes Iraq is stable and Saddam and his two sons got less than they deserved.

    William your responses seem, how do I say pre prepared and address the issues far more than my comment. I can almost feel the anger raging in your remarks,

  20. James McPherson said

    “he used foreign student grants to go to school”

    I’ve seen no evidence of that.

    “his grades where less than stellar.”

    We’ve seen no evidence of that, either–but so what? He went to two Ivy Leagues schools. Besides, George Bush’s grades weren’t great and Harry Truman never went to college at all. Why does it matter? I’ve had great students who didn’t get great grades, and students who got great grades that I wouldn’t trust to walk my dog.

    I hadn’t seen Drudge, so thanks for the head up. I’ll definitely check out WND and WJC to see if their heads are exploding. But I’ll bet this goes as far as previous nutjob birther stuff, and will help Obama more than it hurts him. As the Arizona Republic (a conservative newspaper) reports:

    “Whether or not it was a coincidence, the substance of his message Tuesday — that Hawaiian officials’ stonewalling about inconsistencies in Obama’s birth certificate must mean it is forged — will be at least somewhat obscured by the federal civil-rights trial beginning Thursday.
    “In that case, U.S. District Judge Murray Snow will determine whether Arpaio’s agency has engaged in racial profiling. …
    “Tuesday was the second time in recent months that the sheriff has shared with the media what he considered positive news in advance of anticipated negative publicity. …
    “If the revelations related to Obama’s birth certificate were intended to deflect the spotlight from the upcoming civil-rights trial, it will likely be the last time Arpaio can employ that tactic: He revealed at the end of Tuesday’s news conference that a governmental body with more authority, like Congress, would have to take up the investigation into the authenticity of the president’s birth certificate.” http://www.azcentral.com/news/politics/articles/2012/07/17/20120717arpaio-obama-birth-certificate-issue-needs-further-investigation.html

    Arpaio is a joke, who knows his audience. And you notice he bases the “conclusion” (which is pretty wishy-washy, if you read his actual words) on the findings of a “volunteer investigator” who interviewed a 95-year-old woman.

    “Arpaio claimed to be shocked by his volunteers’ findings.” http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/arizona-sheriff-joe-arpaio-claims-obama-birth-certificate-fake-article-1.1116755

    Yeah, “shocked” like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjbPi00k_ME

  21. melfamy said

    Reuel, One could say the same thing about South Chicago, but it would be untrue. And I just gave a few examples, the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

    Yes, I am sure those people were grateful to have electricity for 2-3 hours a day after we destroyed their infrastructure. The victims of ‘honor killings’ would grateful, had they lived, which, would have been the case under Saddam’s regime. As bad as he was, he put a stop to that heinous and ignorant practice.
    The women run over by Blackwater employees should be grateful, as should those shot by Blackwater goons, whom Bush then put above the law, and would not allow them to be prosecuted. Okay, the Blackwater guys are Really grateful.

  22. Reuel said

    James I didn’t click on the link, assumed the same, Also the James the proof of how he paid for his collage will never be found, and Melfamy Sorry you don’t see the big picture and focus on a few goons. The key words(4) to pay attention to soon and stop looking to the mistakes of the past, which yes I will agree some where made, but soon what happen in Iraq is going to be nothing but history. Iran Israel Russia Syria. These are the countries that are the issue of here and now. Hind site of others actions are always going to make you right, but making the right call on these four countries is going to be soon. It would be funny if it were not so serious and one statement I recall in the 2004 election was
    “I Voted against it before I voted for it.” and that was about the Iraq war. Also the Democrats have got this whole hind site thing figured out, first they vote for all action necessary, then they start running against the thing they voted for. Oh I know not all of them, but the ones that did show their true colors. William stated above that no matter whom voted for something, once the President signs it it his. So it doesn’t matter that they were for it before they were against it and now they are not responsible for that said vote. That is how Washington works? Really?Oh while on William, it was 15 Billion dollars to fight Aids in Africa, He was also just over there last week building a medical center in Africa too. To think this man lied to get us into war is bogus, and easier to find facts on then the current occupier of the White House “Barry” whole life. He’s first day in Washington he invited Ted Kennedy to the White house and want to do something about Education. They also watched a movie about his brother (JFK). They worked together and put No Child left behind, it was a olive branch that turned into Hind site for the Democrats. Then 911 happened and the game had changed, but to think he lied and sent men and women to die for nothing. I just am at loss of words to understand your thoughts that any President wants war and would lie on purpose to start one. Then I understood as I read back in this thread, “Johnson for President”. Yeah that’s placing your bet on a real winner. 5.4 in the polls and just going to be the Ralph Nader or Ross Perot spoiler for someone. Good luck with that.

  23. melfamy said

    I am not rooting for the winner of a freaking race, I am rooting for the country, and I will vote for whom I best think can turn things around.

    Yes, Bush lied to us. They(Bush/Cheney)wanted a war with Iraq from the very first day they were in office. Bush’ 1st treasury secretary said so in his book.
    They ignored evidence to the contrary, destroyed a CIA agent’s career, itself a treasonous offense.
    Germany warned them that Curveball was unreliable, they were ignored, dismissed as ‘Old Europe’.

    Remember the tubes? Couldn’t have been for anything but uranium enrichment? The DOE conducted tests on them and concluded they were unfit for such a purpose.

    There’s more; our reliance on a convicted crook (Chalabi), the fact that Blixen’s team wanted more time, and had found nada.

    I dislike Obama, but I loathe Bush and his puppetmaster Cheney. They are traitors, and do not deserve to breathe free air.

  24. melfamy said

    As far as the Dems go, they were fed the same lies Bush spewed on the rest of us. And the dems that backed the war for fear of their jobs, well, spinelessness is not a crime.

  25. Reuel said

    Bush and Cheney did not lie. They did not expose a CIA Agent, Secretary Armerage (SP) did but he as everyone in Washington knew she was with the CIA, because her husband , you know the one that submitted the report about Iraq not looking for Yellow cake in Africa, he was also appointed a position under President Clinton but when Clinton was replaced he did odd jobs to get by, But the best part is he and his wife love to visit the many cocktail parties in Washington and he outed her and that is why she was no long assigned anymore missions, because she was already outed. You know how he got the assignment to investigation the yellow cake, his wife got him that gig. Oh just for a heads up, some of the stuff may be found soon in Syria. So I will agree that the intelligent in many countries were wrong, but they did not LIE. He made his call on the facts he had on hand. That a far from lying. While your searching search 500 warheads with Mustard gas in them and what year they were found. You can also bring up the list of equipment found and still not located from the inventory by the UN right after the first war there. The UN was lead around like fools and not given full access to all locations, Every time they got permission to search a new palace Saddam would build another one. Why do I say some of it is Syria? Yes Syria and Iraq were enemies, but when the “Great Satan” is your enemy in the Mideast you are friends. I wonder if Barry is planning any Wag the Dog as a October surprise? Hope not he never deserve the job he got now. But we can talk about his past, that racist. Oh and it all call “Protected Documents” I found that out from a very smart person I use to mess with. “Ellen” right James. I know I will never change your mind or any of the Haters of President Bush, I know President Bush and he no Barry.

  26. William Gates said

    “Just so you know the Cold war is back on and you better be thankful for the ones of us that don’t mind suiting up to protect this freedom we have.”

    I am already thankful of/for myself. FAMU 1989 USAF Honorable Discharge 1994. I’ve already “suited up” sunshine. You?

    ” You know if it wasn’t for Russia we wouldn’t of had to go to Iraq, Libya, and many other locations I am not a liberty to tell you.”

    Oh, you’re another one of them. In my experience, the ones that actually are in the know about classified information, don’t hang out on blogs claiming to know things that aren’t at liberty to tell (I think that’s what you’re trying to say). I doubt you have any access to any classified military information. It’s not worth someone’s career to tell an outsider.

    “Yes I rant, so, last time I checked we were a free country and I don’t try to make myself look smart by reading off a teleprompter”

    Believe me judging from your numerous grammatical errors and abundance of run-on sentences you could use one. Amazing what software can do these days.

    ” Also the James the proof of how he paid for his collage will never be found,”

    Just trying to read this is painful. Anyways—-I think we’ve heard numerous times Obama speak about his student loans for “college”. If you don’t care about his grades, why care about how he paid to get those grades? My bad, Trump told you, right? He’s your source? Geez.

    “Bush and Cheney did not lie.”

    Maybe. Maybe not. But before I would so proudly proclaim that, I’d research the reasons why Colin Powell stepped down. My bad. You’re all in the know with friends in high places and TS security clearances so you could probably off the top of your head tell us?

  27. William Gates said

    “William stated above that no matter whom voted for something, once the President signs it it his. So it doesn’t matter that they were for it before they were against it and now they are not responsible for that said vote.”

    I don’t think that’s what I said. I said if he signs it into law it’s his. People always credit the President for things that they like and blames Congress for things they don’t. If someone says Reagan cut taxes, why don’t the say Congress cut them? Those on the other side will say yeah but he also raised taxes then you would say well he had a democratic congress. That’s my point.

    “Oh while on William, it was 15 Billion dollars to fight Aids in Africa,”

    Yes he did later in his first term. That was the PEPFAR not his original amount he granted for humanitarian aid. Maybe I’m wrong but I got my figure directly from his book.

    “William your responses seem, how do I say pre prepared and address the issues far more than my comment. I can almost feel the anger raging in your remarks,”

    I guess you could call education and research, preparedness. Anger? Not at all. Addressing issues further than your comments? It’s called being thorough and also sometimes I really can’t understand what you’re trying to say, so I cover more than just one base. I’ve read Bush’s and Obama’s books. If you had, you could prepare your rants a little better and include facts every now and then.

    I would hate to know who paid for your college because they may be due a substantial refund.

  28. Reuel said

    Yes William I served 12 years active and 8 1/2 year in the reserves, I also DID have a clearance until 1998. I would of stayed another 10 years but if you recall it was how President Clinton and the Republican Congress balanced the budget. No I don’t know any military TS but do know the Middle-east pretty good, been there more time than I cared to of and yes all while wearing my uniform. I also have Vietnam war status, but never was on the ground, My three older Brothers were on the ground and returned alive, one has two Purple Hearts. So that is why I don’t say I am a Vietnam Vet, I never experience what they did on the ground in theater. Dude I payed for my own education and did not go until I was in my 30’s, I took Engineering and I am no English Major for sure, but that does not make me less knowledgeable or intelligent that you. I will bet you one thing, my math skills might be. Yes I read Barry’s books and I don’t need to read President Bush’s book to know who is a better man. I have many friends and If you are so blind to not understand or see that Russia is still a foe. You are blinded, and that is no TS. We offered Iran and North Korea a lot safer Nuclear Plant than the ones they built, they refused, Why? it wasn’t for a power grids in their countries. Ever see any light on in North Korea from any pictures from space? Yes I am a Nuclear Engineer and you better hope my education was a good one. You do have a nice day though, Sorry James for going off subject but your intellectuals here seem to have lead me that way. William if I have insulted you in some way, sorry never intended, but your statement on my knowledge/Education is quite disturbing.

  29. Chad said

    Thank you Reuel for your posts.

  30. melfamy said

    Thank you for your service, first of all, you have my respect, both of you.

    Your ‘better man’, Reuel, made Iran part of the ‘axis of evil’, even though they were helping us round up al qaeda members after 9/11.

    What bugs me is that we KNOW North Korea hates us, we know they are developing a bomb and the missiles to carry it. Yet we offer them food and other goodies. Iran, whose leader issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons and their manufacture in 2007, we treat like a pariah, alienating even those in Iran who desire closer ties to the west. We create enemies, I guess it’s good for business.

    Every time we invade the wrong country, we get weaker, and lose stature in the world, and the republicans only want to continue this folly by going after Iran.

  31. James McPherson said

    Reuel, no apology necessary. You and I will never agree about Bush and the Iraq War and that most of my politics line up more with Greg’s (Melfamy) than yours, but I know you to be a smart guy with a good heart whose primary concerns–like mine–involve kids and grandkids. On a day like today, with what happened in Colorado, that’s worth remembering.

    I appreciate the passion of all of you on both sides, while asking for respect of people even if we can’t agree with their views. Easier said than done, I know–I had to apologize myself for calling someone “nuts” and a “lunatic” over on another site. In my view the guy is generally wrong, and we’ve slammed each other’s perspectives regularly. That’s OK. And I even think namecalling is OK for political figures and media types who choose to put themselves out there and who say/do dumb things.

    Most of the rest of us are human beings who, fortunately, take more interest in the political process than most Americans do. I appreciate that, and especially the folks who venture into the lion’s den of a site where most folks happen to be on the other side of issues. God bless you all–even the athiest among us. 🙂

  32. William Gates said

    “William if I have insulted you in some way, sorry never intended, but your statement on my knowledge/Education is quite disturbing.”

    I apologize as well. It’s not my intent to insult. It’s never personal and if I came across that way it’s not intended. I also will try not to stray off topic as much.

    ” but that does not make me less knowledgeable or intelligent that you”

    No it doesn’t. But I posted that in response to:

    :”he used foreign student grants to go to school and his grades where less than stellar, ” and also that rant you went on.

    “Ever see any light on in North Korea from any pictures from space?”

    A country that can’t feed themselves certainly is going to be deprived of electricity. Electricity in North Korea, when I was station in South Korea, was rationed. Much like everything else. Only a few hours a day.

    “I will bet you one thing, my math skills might be”

    Maybe. It’s been a while since I took Algebraic Geometry.

  33. Reuel said

    Yes that was my point, If they don’t need a reactor for electricity, then what else is it for. Lets guess? Also the type they both picked to build is it quite telling. I did leave one responsible person out of the message, Hint he is living in Pakistan under house arrest or protection. what ever you want to call it.

  34. […] most people, I got it wrong, thinking Romney would likely go with Rob Portman or Tim Pawlenty. I did mention Ryan almost as an […]

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