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On sabbatical

Posted by James McPherson on June 18, 2013

I’m on sabbatical from my “regular job” until the spring semester. Among other things, I’ll revise my small chapter of the the most popular media history text in the U.S., work on a new academic book, and perhaps finish writing a novel that I began some time back. That means I won’t be doing much, if any, writing here.

And however much as I may need a sabbatical break from teaching, I need one even more from the nonsense that now passes for political discourse in this country. I will be doing a bit of fun and easy blogging with a new project (which for the next few months will also become my primary WordPress blog).

And perhaps I’ll write something here once in a while. I can’t seem to help myself, despite my best intentions.

42 Responses to “On sabbatical”

  1. gqbrielle said

    hopefully you manage to relax and get stuff done that you want, whether it’s work-related or not x3

    gosh it’s been a long time since i commented…blog looks good

  2. melfamy said

    We will miss your insights, but I am looking forward to your whimsy.

  3. James McPherson said

    Thanks, Greg; hope all is well with you.

    I dropped by that other site a few days ago to find the two leaders engaged in a civil war–interesting to see them using the kind of language with each other that they used to reserve for you and me. And of course poor Auggie doesn’t know which butt to kiss.

  4. Reuel said

    You know, your right. It seems the ones that don’t sling mud seem to be losing more often. Not like some that did take the High road deserve to win, but it has become a sound bite world. Uneducated voters, not necessarily uneducated, but to lazy to research the sound bite to insure its accuracy. Good luck on your book writing and please post its title here, so I can give it a read. I to have taken up other things, due to the ugliness of politic these days. Yes I to have found myself rolling around in the mud from time to time. Enjoy your summer and I shall link in to see how your progressing on your other ventures. 🙂

  5. Thanks, Reuel. When/if it’s finished and published, the book will discuss some of that political ugliness and ignorance.

    But I’ll bet I haven’t watched three hours of cable news or listened to any talk radio in the last six weeks. I’m not missing it. Have a great summer.

  6. jm said

    Enjoy yourself, and good luck!

  7. Hey James…, hope you are holding up well after nearly a month. I had to take a two day sabbatical from “the job” to get some hay in the barn. I was ever so glad to get back to “the job”…, I would have to “work” for a living. Thank your lucky stars that you only have five more months of work before you can get back to the job 🙂

  8. Whoops…, that should read, “…, I would hate to have to “work” for a living.” Someday I will learn to proofread what I wrote…, instead of reading what I think I wrote 🙂

  9. Scott, getting hay in the barn reminds me of the summers I spent riding a hay slip behind a bailer on various farms outside of Weippe — exactly the kind of work I hope to avoid from now on. 🙂

  10. William Gates said

    Ok. Sabbatical is over.

  11. Actually, William, not until about Feb. 1. 🙂

  12. William Gates said

    Dusty misses you.

  13. Gee, and I haven’t even checked in w/the RNL crew lately. I assume they’re making as little sense as usual?

  14. William Gates said

    Go take a look. I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like. You’ll get a generous welcome back I’m sure.

  15. Reuel said

    Would be quite sure these days we would both be on the same page. I mean I find myself agreeing with “Code Pink” also not sure why Iraq was bad but Syria is being sold as good and needed. then the most backward statement of the day is released by Secretary JFK. Secretary of State John Kerry said at Wednesday’s hearing that Arab counties have offered to pay for the entirety of unseating President Bashar al-Assad if the United States took the lead militarily. Now is this the same people that are for the war before they are against the war, and then flip back to “For War” only if we are considered for hire to perform the war. Now if the Arab League wants this Dictator gone, they should do it themselves. It is times like this I am sure that maybe a Sabbatical is in order, but maybe in a remote location away from any large cities. Just saying, This could get out of control. Don’t still know what really happened in Libya. Oh yes we do. I Think the next three years could be very interesting or as the debt clock has done the last three month. Stand still. Hope you and yours all all doing well.

  16. Reuel said

    If the government shuts down, do they really shut down or do they just shut down the parts that will get the most play in the media? I still don’t get the part that it is totally one side or the others fualt for the shut down. After all what has President Obama or Harry Reid ever comprised on with the House ever? The best read of the day was on CNN/political section. If you read the poll questions and read the headline for that story, it states “Republicans will be responsible for the shut down”. All I could think of was a lyric from a Talking Heads song. “You may ask yourself how did I get here”. The other point is this is just a CR until November 15, then the circus starts all over again. Which leads to another Talking Heads lyric. “Same as it ever was”. So the next 6 weeks we have 2 more things to follow, The debt ceiling and a budget/CR to keep funding the Government for another 6 weeks? So we have replaced the annual budget approval in 2009 to CR’s. I have a suspicion to why this is. Any one have a guess why this is? Hint it has something to do with the deficient not going up since May. Oh and when they decide to raise debt limit, it will have to be about 2 trillion more so it doesn’t have to be voted on next year during the election season.

    Have a nice day, and shutting down something that is broken in the mechanical world is a good thing.
    Oh and thanks Jim for the space to rant.

  17. Rant away, any time. Sorry for the slow response — my wife and I just finished a 5,700-mile 24-day drive through parts of 10 states, visiting various family members and seeing some places we’d never seen before. A very nice trip, during which we saw little about politics.

    It appears the shutdown will end with no one looking better than when it started. Hope all is well with you. Thanks.

  18. Reuel said

    Yes! Nice! I am doing one of those trips in November. Can’t wait. No politics and some good old music programed on my I-Pod that my new car has a App for that. I so can’t really get behind either side this time. I do know someone that is a Democrat that I have gained a lot of respect for, Senator from WV I think , also can’t remember the spelling of his last name. Manchun or something like that. He is a real straight shooter no BS. Kind of refreshing. 🙂 Yes all is well. Seem though I have to have Birth Control and Maternity added to my Health Insurance IAW the Affordable Healthcare Law, That is a hoot for a single 58 year old man. Sure hope I don’t get pregos. Have a nice day.

  19. Reuel said

    Just to document my concern. They pass a CR that has no limit for borrowing and some how they did “Extraordinary measures” to prevent the Debt going up zero dollars from May 2013 to present. I wonder and suspect that this next 90 days the debt will go up faster than usual. I thought it was also curious when the talking points were a couple weeks before the shutdown that the President had cut the deficit in almost half in 4 years and 3 months. Or did he? That is the question. Sounds like a no brainier to me. But of course that is how he won twice. He seems to think we are all stupid and at some point this will all catch up with him. But his loyal media following will start rewriting history the day he is out of office. Glad he likes the thing called Obamacare after him, that phrase has stuck. Well only one year to election 2016 kick off, got to start early these days so you can repeat things about a million times to brain wash the masses. It not a wonder the rest of the world laughs at us, yet even with all our faults we still are doing better than them.

  20. Reuel said

    Yes sir, they raised the debt 328 billion in one day. Which was on purpose to kick it to the 2014 fiscal year, so they can run on they cut the deficit in half the first 5 years. Why do the American people not see the that if bookkeeping like this in the private sector would be punished by a government that is doing the same thing they are. It is all about 2014 and getting the congress and the President from the same party to have their way with the law making. I would say they have successfully convinced the low information voters that they are the only way. We officially have only one political party due to clever demonetization of a group of people that only wanted three things. 1. Less Government spending. 2. lower taxes. & 3. They apposed a health care law that has been made a law for select individuals that have not been anything but the people that have been the ones that pay their taxes every year and provide the most revenue for the government to waste in the first place. What a disturbing thing when name calling has out witted what use to be called Conservatism. I guess that is the end of another “ism” that will go down in history as a failed behavior and well document by the willing media that condoned a bigger and more costly government that lie on their revenue spending to just remain in power. Hopefully this will lead to another party that can surface and gain enough power to stop the inevitable super fast train wreak about to happen due to debt that has passed the point of reality. Funny “Not” they are still blaming President Bush and that is denial. Good day to you sir; Next book on the death of Conservatism? Might fit in nice with your first ones.

  21. Reuel said


    I think both or all political views should be a little concerned. I don’t agree it will be 22 trillion by February, but I do think it is going to increase at a rate never seen before. What happens when the US is not the country all immigrants both legal and not legal can come to for financial security? We currently can not take care of the current legal and illegals ones here now. But they are talking about immigration reform that will bring in, just a guess about another 20 million and we can not handle the current population with out incurring more debt. We currently have almost half of our population getting some amount of government assistance. Should we not find a way to get that fixed first? I say Yes. My very liberal friend, his wife and I were out to dinner the other evening and we discussed this, they first said it was very heartless to not care about people from other countries that come here to better their lives. So on our way home I took them through South Chicago, East Chicago IN and Gary IN and they ask me why are we going this way. My response was ,why don’t we do what we promised these Americans first before we allow others to come in to just secure another voting block, that will secure one political party, that in fact is responsible for these three cities we just drove though. Oh, we drove though during day light hours and did not stop for any lights. Neither of them had ever been that way and have lived their whole lives just 20 miles from this area.

  22. I like your book idea, Reuel, though I think it’s too early to declare conservatism dead. The GOP is definitely going through some struggles, though. As I wrote yesterday on Facebook: “While I agree that the rollout of Obamacare has been a mess, it seems odd to me that Republicans are now complaining about how difficult it is for people to get something that those same Republicans don’t think people should be able to get at all. Following that logic, how long until the GOP starts whining about how hard it is to get an abortion?”

    I also don’t think immigration reform will go anywhere — I’m not convinced that Congress is capable of doing anything tough without a major crisis (sometimes one they create). And I do think we need to do something about jobs. I have reservations about the number of people on “public assistance,” though, because there are so many different ways to count that. For example, I’d consider farm subsidies to be welfare, but all the farmers In this area vote Republican and say they hate welfare. And any tax break — whether for poor, rich, or middle class — that not everyone gets might be considered to be public assistance. As might public schools, and most of the roads you and I drove on during our recent excursions.

    You picked an interesting area to drive through, and bring up an interesting point about how people seclude themselves. I take students who have never been out of Washington state to “the other Washington” and New York, including Harlem. Conversely, most of the residents of Harlem have never been far from the city, either, and I’d bet that most New Yorkers have never been to all five boroughs. When we ran a motel in Sun Valley, Idaho, we’d have people who had come in from the East Coast and were terrified by the fact that after they landed and rented a car in Boise because they “wanted to see some scenery,” they could drive 50 miles without seeing a town.

    Of course, I’ve also wandered into small southern towns (and parts of large cities) that were all black and towns in the West that seemed to be all Hispanic or Indian, and where I was nervous even though I’ve never had a particularly negative experience in any of them. I’ve spent a fair amount of time on buses and trains riding with people who didn’t own cars, and I met people on one end of Oahu who had never been to the other end of that small island.

    If all of those people could/would do what you and your liberal friends are doing, and what you and I are doing here, we’d probably all be better off. Thanks.

    By the way, I finished my textbook chapter and am now 64 songs into my other blog project. Actually I’ve written 79 of the posts (planning for 100 by my wedding anniversary in February), but schedule them to come out every two or three days. So far, after more than four months, my wife hasn’t discovered it, though I’ll be amazed if I can keep it a secret for another three and a half months: http://lovesongs4joanna.wordpress.com/

  23. Reuel said

    Yes, I have visited that site. It is wonderful what you are doing for your anniversary. I go though places I should not a lot, I also go on purpose to find someone or something I can help to make their life’s better. I have be fortunate some would say, but they only see the results of my 40 years of working hard. They assume I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Funny how people in public tag individuals and the same goes with politics. If I would say I support the Tea Party, then the left would tag me Extreme as does the right about Progressives/ Liberals as being loony. Both have what they assume is the best intentions in mind, but more and more the 2 sides just document the faults of the other side and never admit when they are wrong. Heath-care law is a fine example. Now that they completely won the battle of the shutdown, they now have disinters on the left that are coming out and supporting a delay in the implementation of Obama-care. Now wasn’t that one of the options offered by the house during these childish games both sides played for all those days? Yes. Please don’t get me wrong Health care was broke before this law and nothing in this law is going to fix it, except whom ever is on the receiving end of all the Taxes/Revenues/and the cost increases both in premiums and deductible. Bottom line is they should of just signed up the ones that did not have it through a exchange offer by the government and supported by about a 10 page law. Now we have a 2000 plus page law and new regulations being added everyday. Last count I think it was 15,000 regulations. The Government could of much more cheaply just paid the premiums for the ones not able to. But no they had to include requirements that are only supported by their political vision. This whole law is based on young healthy people signing up. So they say the site will be up soon and the numbers won’t lie, but their supporters will. This law has very little to do about making health care in this country better as the immigration problem it is as both sides only want. Power and control of a 4 trillion dollar budget to secure their own future in their own political parties. No you are right. Might I add a talking point for the left, immigration will be a 2014 election year talking point, but that is all. Sorry Not a English Major, darn Engineer just keeping the lights on for you all. Take care and the love songs thing is awesome, I to have memories of some of the oldies but goodies. I am thinking of a trip to Washington State next year to visit my sister, may offer you a meal on the way by if I do. Oh course I only drive when on vacation.

  24. Reuel said

    Sorry have to say it. “Birth Certificate” Did he KNOW he had one? Does he KNOW he is President of all 300 plus million people? What does he KNOW and when did he KNOW it. I don’t KNOW what I knew when I Knew it. Some even in the Democrat party are starting to separate themselves from him. I think they wish they didn’t KNOW him.

  25. Agreed; he doesn’t seem to know much. But when I see what’s going on in Congress and the courts right now, I wish I knew less, myself. 🙂

  26. Reuel said

    Yes a total American Spring is in order, peaceful one of course. Enjoy the Holidays. 🙂

  27. William Gates said

    Maybe you guys wanna go and help the Rio Norte Line out. It seems to be pretty dead over there.

  28. No kidding, William. I just stopped by on your recommendation for the first time in weeks, and the very first RNL post I read was another email myth from Dusty with virtually no facts, one which has been around for at least six years. Kinda sad.

  29. William Gates said

    At one point, I liked posting there. It’s all the behind the scenes stuff that got to me. Or the relentless bashing. I just don’t seen the point in that—no matter whom the politician is or poster. Some of those guys are very smart. Some of their points, I could agree with. But it got to where you’re either for or against and I wasn’t going to choose a side. So basically, there wasn’t any need in me posting, since the ones that maybe agreed wouldn’t respond because they wouldn’t want the others to know they agreed with me. Or Greg. Or FC. That’s the whole political persona–party loyalty.

    Basically, I thought I had a lot of good information to bring to the conversations. Especially those that were in a field that I studied immensely—Race relations. But generally, my viewpoint wasn’t accepted very graciously by some. Not all. Just a few. So I decided it was best just to check it out and post every now and then. I’m not going to change anyone’s beliefs and they surely weren’t going to change mine. But if we’re going to talk facts, let’s do that. Not political talking points. Most were unwilling, so it is what it is.

  30. Thanks, William. Yeah, of the regulars there I especially thought that Utah was a thoughtful guy — but the fact that Obama was going to win again (which he kept denying until the day before the election) seemed to drive him over the edge. He had also seemed to help keep G.I. Joe’s rants a bit in check, but when they began bickering it seemed that everything went to hell. And of course a couple of the regulars were always nuts, just looking to insult whomever they disagreed with, especially if that would help them look good with Utah and Joe.

    If you find a good thoughtful substitute for the RNL, let me know (though I haven’t been spending much time on blogs in general, as I’m on sabbatical working on another book). And relevant to race relations, I noticed something interesting that I posted on Facebook yesterday, along with a link to an old Eugene Robinson column (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/02/01/AR2007020101495.html).

    Unlike most of what I post, the comment drew no reaction from anyone (and just a single “like,” from a friend whose son-in-law and grandchildren are black). Maybe you’d care to tell me if you think I was off base, since admittedly as a middle-aged white guy I can be clueless. Here was my comment:

    First quoted words from Seattle Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik in 2010 about his new manager: “Eric [Wedge] brings the energy, passion and leadership that we think is important as we move forward.”
    First quoted words from Zduriencik this week about his latest new manager: “”Lloyd [McClendon] is a bright and articulate guy.”
    Guess which guy is black?

    Thanks again, William.

  31. William Gates said

    I’d say Lloyd is the black guy. That’s pretty much the same thing Biden said about Obama. To some, it comes as a surprise that many black guys are bright and articulate—especially in sports. So, in all fairness the the GM, nothing was wrong with his statement. He’s saying that the new manager is not just some dumb jock, that’s also black.

    No way you were off base. There’s nothing wrong with any of that. See, what happens is, many people confuse racism, with discrimination, with cultural bias, and all the other social manifestations and lump them all together. They aren’t the same. For example, if you see a black guy with a box Chevy on 22″ rims, and butterfly doors on it and said you think it’s stupid, he’d probably swear up and down that you’re racist. But that wouldn’t be true (at least not concerning that issue) no more than if I said it’s stupid to jack up a F-150 10ft in the air and wear a ball cap with a fishing hook on it. Those would be cultural biases. People are so damn scared to discuss anything that might be considered racial for fear of offending someone that it’s ridiculous.

    Another case would be with names. What makes a name normal? Why is Trig, Track, Rumor, Aiden, Kylie etc. acceptable/normal but not LaMichael, Shaniqua, Kenyatta, Kentorus and Vonshay?

    I’m looking forward to hearing what your thoughts are on that. I’ll tell you also what my research on it says.

  32. William Gates said

    “Yeah, of the regulars there I especially thought that Utah was a thoughtful guy — but the fact that Obama was going to win again (which he kept denying until the day before the election) seemed to drive him over the edge. He had also seemed to help keep G.I. Joe’s rants a bit in check, but when they began bickering it seemed that everything went to hell. And of course a couple of the regulars were always nuts, just looking to insult whomever they disagreed with, especially if that would help them look good with Utah and Joe.”

    That pretty much sums it up. Joe may not be a bad guy. I just think that he feels like he’s always the smartest guy in the room. Something that he’s said about Obama. I’ve had good and bad conversations with him. But after he called me racist and compared me to Al Sharpton, I figured it was time to cut the cord. I think he was a bit intimidated by me since my knowledge in that field was a bit broader than his. Utah, Texas and even Augger are good guys, I feel. Kells is Kells, FloridaCracker and I pretty much think the most alike politically.

    I agree about Utah and Romney losing the election. I think it was more wishful thinking on his part since I never gave him a chance.Actually, he did better than I expected.

  33. melfamy said

    I just crawled out of the slime over at the Rio site; they are still repeating lies that I exposed over a year ago, still pretending that liberals are carrying the baton for hitler, when they tghemselves are the logical heirs to the brown-shirted Krystal-nachters.

  34. William, I agree with you about cultural biases. And about what makes a name “normal” — though yours and mine are about as traditional as they come. I remember that “Freakonomics” had something interesting about names, but it’s been so long since I read it (and I have such a poor memory at my age) that I can’t remember what. I did find this, though I’ll have to listen to it later as I’m about to head off to play basketball and then order books for spring: http://freakonomics.com/2013/04/08/how-much-does-your-name-matter-a-new-freakonomics-radio-podcast/

    Greg, I found the same thing. Depressing. I see you’re starting a novel — good luck with it. I’m about 20,000 words into one, too. So far my wife likes it. 🙂

  35. William Gates said

    My biggest issue over there was that those guys won’t budge not one inch. Does that remind you of any other group of people? I understand if we’re talking principle, but just on everyday issues that’s incredible. Utah did loosen up a bit, and he seems to be the most reasonable of the bunch.

  36. I see that now even Utah is suggesting secession to divide the supposed “two Americas.” If I were to respond, I’d tell him that I’d certainly vote for allowing all the red states to secede, since those of us in the blue states are subsidizing most of them. And though the Lone Star State pulls its own weight, I’d happily let it go, too. And the U.S. shouldn’t intervene when Mexico decides to reclaim Texas. 🙂

    More seriously, his whiny us-vs.-them piece more what I’d have expected from some other folks here — but very much in line the discussion we’ve been having here about what has happened to the RNL. http://therionorteline.com/2013/11/08/two-americas/

  37. William Gates said

    “And though the Lone Star State pulls its own weight, I’d happily let it go, too. And the U.S. shouldn’t intervene when Mexico decides to reclaim Texas.”

    Mexico would be across the border in a heartbeat since there would be no US military or border patrol to stop it. But then again, I guess all the private citizens will have enough guns and ammo to stop it. Right? Lest not forget the polls taken saying the major cities of (and also the capital of Texas) Austin, Dallas, and others said they would just secede from Texas. Interesting.

    I know President Obama does and says a lot of things that I don’t agree with, but he got this one right when he said:

    “You don’t like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there win an election”.

    That’s the bottom line for those folks. Stop whining. Stop complaining. Stop blaming every other group for everything and win some elections if you want change. But now since it looks as though the most popular Republican Gov. Christie, would be their best shot at the presidency, they’ve turned their backs on him because of his words about Obama concerning Hurricane Sandy.

    Incredible isn’t it?

  38. Reuel said

    Oh William, unless things change real quick I don’t think Republicans are going to have a problem winning elections in 2014. That is if they stay away from the lunatics that think they a Tea Party Patriots only becuase they think that will get them elected. See that was the problem all people running on the right were tagged Tea Party weather they wanted it or they latched on to it thinking it was going to get them elected. The left has been very effective in demonizing any and all on the right. Oh course the left to has a few lunnytoons for themselves. Amazing how in just one month time period that the right where trying to stop Obama-scare and most of what they said was wacko/racist/and many others I can not stand to write, but they were was right. Now the Democrats are in full panic mode becuase none of them actually read the bill before they voted for it. Then they turn it over to a bunch of political hacks that have added 15,000 pages of regulations to it and BAM, it is a bill designed to destroy a already weak heath-care system, which in fact is already at the point that do overs are to late. You kind of wonder, was this the plan the whole time and was it designed to collapse until after 2014 midterms. OOPS He fumbled the ball was his answer. So your comment you liked, that he said has in his own words been reset. (He said this in response to the many choices he and the Democrats had available to re set the health scare law for a year. Now look who is doing it by “Executive Order” or trying to.

    “You don’t like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there win an election”.

    I am not racist, Republican, repultard terdparty, or any of the names I have been called at some posting sites I visit, (Not here of course). I also do not like to see a President no matter which party he or she is from be negated by the the system, yes that includes President Bush. A weak President is not in our best interest of this country and politics on both sides need a reset. But he owns this Health” Insurance” law and it is a mess. Actually I would love to see a new party emerge with some Democrats and Republicans getting together and rain in the extremes from both sides. Problem is most third parties seem to benefit the left every time, look what happen in Virgina last week. And of course Clinton/Bush/ & what was that guys name? Oh yeah Ross let me pop the hood on it first before I can tell you to fix it guy.

    I won’t say Barry wasn’t vetted, he was but very few listened. And to fish speaking of books, I can’t wait for the dirt written about him when all is said and done. Title will be “I didn’t Know and I was not properly notified about that” It would be funny if it was not a total mess and the effects of Quantitative Easing have not even kicked in yet.

    Have a nice day.

  39. William Gates said

    “Oh William, unless things change real quick I don’t think Republicans are going to have a problem winning elections in 2014.”

    You guys have been saying that since 2008. Remember, no way was Obama going to be reelected. Romney would win by landslide remember?

    “The left has been very effective in demonizing any and all on the right.”

    It goes both ways. Both sides have been slinging more mud than governing. They’re both dysfunctional.

    “OOPS He fumbled the ball was his answer. So your comment you liked, that he said has in his own words been reset”

    See, that’s exactly the point. You spend a whole lot of time and effort writing this post and you wouldn’t have to if you could get your party’s candidates elected. But you can’t. That’s my point. It sums it up in a nutshell. Win some elections, and we’ll see if this healthcare plan goes away. But I’ll guarantee that it won’t. You guys are too busy criticizing instead of coming up with solutions. That’s what the country wants. We’re tired of the fighting. If the solution is as simple as you guys seem to believe, then win some elections and we can get back to the utopia we had when GWB was president. (heavy sarcasm)

    ” A weak President is not in our best interest of this country and politics on both sides need a reset”.

    I agree–to a certain extent. I think more of the power should be put back in the hands of the states.

  40. “if they stay away from the lunatics that think they a Tea Party Patriots”

    A pretty big “if” — after all, the GOP should have won the Senate in 2012 but ran too many nuts.

    “he owns this Health Insurance law and it is a mess.”

    Indeed, but health care was one of the biggest messes in the U.S. before Obamacare, the website will eventually be fixed, and there’s no chance of it being repealed. Some parts of it may be changed or eliminated, but some voters — and more importantly, insurance companies — benefit too much from it for it to disappear. And the House Republicans just look stupid with their repeated go-nowhere votes.

    “I would love to see a new party emerge with some Democrats and Republicans getting together”

    Me, too. Or two new parties, one farther right than the old-guard GOP and one farther left than the current Dems.

    “most third parties seem to benefit the left”

    Most — but George W. Bush would never have been president if Ralph Nader hadn’t done as well as he did in Florida.

    “Both sides have been slinging more mud than governing. They’re both dysfunctional.”


    “You guys are too busy criticizing instead of coming up with solutions.”

    If you change the “you” to “Congressional Republicans,” I’d definitely agree.

    My take, as offered via Facebook when I got home from church yesterday, about a comment my pastor made about Ignatius of Loyola:

    “His courage swelled, but his vanity did not.” In my case it’s usually the opposite, but it seems like something worth striving for — as individuals, as citizens, as churches, as political organizations, and as a nation.

    Thanks, guys.

  41. William Gates said

    “If you change the “you” to “Congressional Republicans,” I’d definitely agree.”

    Consider it changed.

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