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Thanks to Cruella economy, Grumpy’s attitude finally justified

Posted by James McPherson on April 10, 2009

Following a headline that I wish I’d written–“Fewer Disney employees whistle while they work”–CNN reports that “the sappiest place on Earth” is laying people off. Even a company that withstood boycotts from Catholics,  Southern Baptists, the perhaps-bi-curious American Family Association, and other religious groups couldn’t avoid the effects of an economy seemingly designed by Cruella de Vil.

If a Prince Charming comes along and kisses awake the slumbering economy, some of the 1,100 people who were laid off (another 800 open jobs also were eliminated) may get their jobs back. And Disney seems to be treating the released employees fairly, as apparently they will “receive pay for 60 days; extended medical coverage; and severance packages that vary according to their years of service.”

It’s no golden parachute and won’t prompt widespread singing of “Hakuna Matata,” but at least the employees can afford the “bare necessities” a bit longer and probably won’t feel they have to kidnap Mickey Mouse (though Euro Disney’s Snow White better keep a close eye on the French Dwarfs, if the Disney layoffs go abroad).

And we can hope that the company’s problems permanently derail any plan to revive “Disney’s America.” Americans are stupid enough about their history, and about America’s relationships with others, without bringing Dopey, Dumbo and Goofy into it.

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American Family Association shows you what not to watch

Posted by James McPherson on May 21, 2008

In its ongoing campaign to “protect” the family, the AFA is protesting a gay kiss in the soap opera “As the World Turns.” That’s not news, of course; the AFA is consistent in protesting what it calls the “Homosexual Agenda.”

What is different in this case is that the AFA wants you to see it for yourself. So far I don’t see any ads for California’s gay wedding industry linked to the site, and there’s no way to tell how popular the video clip has become, but it will be interesting to see if the organization decides to employ the same methods in its fight against such things as pornography, popular films and “Oprah’s new church.” If so, AFA Web traffic is likely to go way up.

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