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Craig Ferguson: “If you don’t vote, you’re a moron”

Posted by James McPherson on September 15, 2008

Craig Ferguson has been a U.S. citizen for just over seven months. But he has a grasp of some of what’s wrong with the media, and with the American people, during elections.

Since he’s on TV after my bedtime–and probably after many of your are either in bed or starting the homework you have due the next day–I’ll share the video below.

Some of the most important lines:

“If you watch the news, you’d think that Sarah Palin was running for president. Spoiler alert…”

“I think a lot of the reporters want to be as famous as the candidates they’re covering.”

About the candidates: “Shame on you, you manipulative hypocrites.”

“Which candidate would you rather have dinner with? Here’s an easy answer: ‘None!’ They’re politicians. I don’t dinner with you. I don’t want your friendship. Here’s what I want to know: What are you gonna do for this country, pal?”

“Are we so lost we need to be sold our own democratic right?” … If you don’t vote, you’re a moron.”

“Voting is not sexy. Voting is not hep. It is not fashionable. It’s not a movie, it’s not a video game, all the kids ain’t doin’ it. Frankly voting is a pain in the ass. But here’s a word–look it up–it is your duty to vote.”

“This country is at war right now. Americans in foreign lands, wearing uniforms representing this country, are losing their lives. Americans here in this country are losing their homes.”

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