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Prospects grim for many communication grads

Posted by James McPherson on November 17, 2010

There’s not much to say, beyond the headline above and what’s offered in the annual survey report (complete with more than 85 graphs and charts), for which the brief summary notes:

All indicators of the health of the market in 2009 and early 2010 showed declines from a year earlier, which already had produced record low levels of employment.

Salaries remained unchanged for the fourth consecutive year, meaning that graduates actually were receiving less money because of the effects of inflation.

Benefit packages also continued to get skimpier.

I am happy to say that my university is stressing the need for our grads to acquire some of the things survey respondents said they most needed. “A quarter of those who mentioned a skill they had not acquired made a reference to graphic design, layout, or software for photo and graphic presentations … nearly one in 10 offered this suggestion. Nearly two in 10 of those with a skill suggestion mentioned something to do with the Internet.”

I suspect it’s not coincidental that a much higher percentage of our journalism and mass communication grads have been getting jobs in their field than some better-known schools.

And yet even now some blogger somewhere is posting his latest screed–perhaps something about how we need to keep tax cuts and cut off unemployment benefits, or how we should let workers and businesses worry about who has health insurance–while hoping he’ll be “discovered” so he can give up his day job and get rich by sharing his wit and wisdom with the masses.

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