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Now I’m as bad as Fox News

Posted by James McPherson on September 12, 2008

I did a sociological experiment with yesterday’s post, using a title and tags that I thought might draw a larger-than-usual audience. Somewhat sadly, I was right, getting about twice as many visitors as usual–and I know the topic, while important, wasn’t that that much more interesting than what I usually do.

I also suspect that post will continue to be the biggest draw via search engines for some time to come, and admittedly a number of the people who probably came here seeking more titillating fare then proceeded to read posts that they would not normally have seen. Maybe I educated a few people and/or changed some minds.

Still, the experiment is over. I’m not going to make a habit of doing the same thing that I regularly criticize Fox News and other media for. Sorry to say, the tags will go back to being more boring from now on. I hope you’ll keep reading anyway. Have a great weekend.

Next day update: OK, so maybe I’m not as bad as Fox News, judging by the Brave New World and Fox Attacks compilation of segments from the network now whirling around the Internet.

Next month update: The link to the compilation mentioned above doesn’t always work, so I’ve embedded the clip below:

6 Responses to “Now I’m as bad as Fox News”

  1. Mike Ingram said

    Jim, I could not decide whether to title this entry “Jim means he is now as good as Fox News” or “College Professors Gone Wild.” It was a real toss up for me…

  2. James McPherson said

    Hmmm, “College Professors Gone Wild”… would that mean staying up late enough to watch all of the Colbert Report on the night it first airs, rather than catching the rerun the next day?

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